90 Day Fiance fans comment on Brandon Gibbs’ mom Betty’s changed hairstyle

Ron and Betty Gibbs
90 Day Fiance viewers noticed a change in Brandon Gibbs’ mom Betty’s hair. Pic credit: TLC

Betty Gibbs, the mother of 90 Day Fiance star Bradon Gibbs, has been well known to viewers as a very involved parent who has gotten a lot of airtime on the show. With that said, her signature curly hair has become familiar to fans who recently spotted a change in her hairstyle.

Betty shared a video that featured her husband Ron, where her hair looked noticeably shorter and was styled differently than it usually is.

Curious fans dropped into her comments to remark on the change, however, Betty said her different look wasn’t due to a haircut.

In responses back to supporters, Betty said that she got a trim done to her hair and straightened it. Furthermore, she said that her hair was pulled back in the video where viewers could only see the front of her head.

90 Day Fiance fans think Betty Gibbs changed her hair

Betty posted a video on Instagram of her and Ron drinking margaritas in what appeared to be a message to her son Brandon and his wife Julia.

In the video, Betty’s usually shoulder-length voluminous curly hair looked totally different. Her hair appeared cropped and not as curly.

90 Day Fiance fans noticed the change in Betty’s hair and jumped into the comments to talk about it.

One supporter wrote, “Nice haircut.”

To which, Betty replied, “Thanks! However, not a new haircut… Had it trimmed and straightened. Once I wash it, it will go right back to curly!”

Another fan remarked, “You cut your pretty hair!”

Betty then clarified back, “Actually, I just had it trimmed and straightened and then I pulled it back because it was so warm in Virginia today! Once I wash it, it will go right back to curly!”

Instagram comments on betty Gibbs' post
Pic credit: @90day_bettygibbs/Instagram

Betty Gibbs has shown off her straightened hair before to 90 Day Fiance fans

Back in late February 2021, Betty debuted her straight hair look to 90 Day Fiance fans for the first time on social media.

The photos she posted of her hair straightened got a lot of attention from fans who remarked about its big difference.

90 Day Fiance fans recently saw Betty on Season 3 of 90 Day Diaries as the idea of giving Brandon and Julia the family farm was presented to her.

Betty and her husband Ron are also staples of the spinoff Pillow Talk now, and viewers can find them giving their commentary on current 90 Day episodes.

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays on TLC at 8/7c and Discovery+.

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