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90 Day Fiance fans are losing it over a photoshopped version of Trish and Chuck as one person

Chuck and Trish
A photo has surfaced of Chuck and Trish together as one person, and 90 Day Fiance fans are here for it. Pic credit: TLC

Trish and Chuck both have unique physical characteristics, and their role in 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? has been highly talked about. With that in mind, one fan created a photoshopped picture of Chuck and Trish as one person and named them “Chrish.”

The picture was very popular on Reddit and sparked an entire hilarious discussion about Trish and Chuck. Redditors were loving the picture and commenting on the way Trish and Chuck look in it and were drawing comparisons.

Chuck has been a huge supporter of his daughter and has done everything he can to help her and Andrei out, although Andrei comes off to fans as very ungrateful. Chuck has been featured a lot throughout the show and is well-known to viewers.

Trish is Mike Youngquist’s mom. She gained prominence last season when she admitted that she asked Mike’s neighbor Tamara to object to the wedding for her but Tamara refused. This season on Happily Ever After? Trish is pressing Natalie to be a better contributor in her relationship with Mike, and fans are soaking up the tension that’s being created.

The picture used Chuck and Trish’s most notable traits

The picture created by a 90 Day Fiance fan showcased Chuck and Trish’s most well-known features put together.

The picture took Trish’s mullet and put it on Chuck’s face, including his jowls. To top off the comical mashup, this fan named their creation “Chrish.” The post got almost 3,000 likes and over 100 comments.

Reddit thread about Chuck and Trish
A 90 Day Fiance fan created “Chrish” a photoshopped version of Chuck and Trish. Pic credit: u/keenerperkins/Reddit

Some of the comments joked about how Trish and Chuck are perceived with one fan calling Trish, “the bane of all immigrants” and Chuck, “The final boss.”

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Another Redditor thought “Truck” would be a great alternative nickname to “Chrish.”

Someone also drew the comparison of “Chrish” to a roadie for Bon Jovi.

Reddit thread about Chuck and Trish
Redditors discussed their funny opinions of the picture. Pic credit: u/keenerperkins/Reddit

Trish and Chuck have big roles on Happily Ever After? this season

Chuck has given Andrei the opportunity to work under him and his children in their family business flipping houses. Earlier in the season, Andrei asked Chuck for a $100,000 loan to start his own business flipping houses, which Chuck denied and offered him this alternative.

Chuck’s business and relationship with Andrei will be a main storyline of Elizabeth and Andrei this season.

Mike and Natalie went to Oklahoma to visit Trish, and viewers are currently witnessing the tension between her and Natalie and are loving the drama.

Trish and Mike are very close so she will definitely continue to have a role on the show and be in Mike’s ear about Natalie.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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