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90 Day Fiance fans are living for Mike’s mom Trish’s style

Trish Youngquist
Mike’s mom Trish has a unique style that has been a hot topic in the 90 Day fan community, with some very funny things being said about it. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance fans can’t get enough of Mike’s mom Trish’s personal style, and have been discussing different aspects of it over social media.

In this week’s upcoming episode, viewers saw Trish wearing an epic sun hat with just enough room at the top for her mullet-bangs to pop out of, and this look started a Reddit thread.

Fans were also remarking at the way Natalie awkwardly commented on Trish’s very plain plaid shirt and how Trish made her say what she liked about it when they greeted each other at the airport in Oklahoma.

Trish’s style is something out of the 80s but with a farm, mom, and low maintenance touch.

90 Day Fiance fans are living for Trish’s style

Trish garnered a lot of this attention from the trailer for this week’s episode and how enormous and noticeable the out-of-place sun hat was. It drew extra attention because she will be giving an interview while wearing the hat about upsetting Natalie by taking her to a butcher shop.

The remark one fan made was that Trish thinks her hairstyle is so good it had to pop out of her hat.

Reddit thread about Trish Youngquist
Trish’s intense hat and hair combination really got fans going this week on social media. Pic credit: @u/blueseas1242/Reddit

Other fans on the thread brought up the way Natalie complimented Trish’s red flannel when they met at the airport. The exchange was awkward because Trish was surprised Natalie was complimenting her ordinary shirt, so he asked Natalie what she liked about the shirt, which seemed a bit strange and possibly hostile.

Reddit thread about Trish Youngquist
Fans discussed how awkward, and possibly catty, Natalie’s complimenting of Trish’s shirt was. Pic credit: @u/blueseas1242/Reddit

Trish will continue to be a part of Happily Ever After this season

There is already tension between Trish and Natalie on this trip to Oklahoma. Natalie has not even attempted to clear the air about what she found out at the Tell All about Trish being behind Mike canceling the wedding.

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Natalie has mentioned that it needs to be addressed so she can continue her relationship with Mike without knowing that his mom has it out for her. It is quite possible that Natalie may never get that resolve because Trish still doesn’t think they belong together or that their marriage was a good idea.

Before any of that gets addressed there will be pre-Thanksgiving drama when Trish and Mike take Natalie, a pescatarian, into a butcher shop where she will freak out.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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  1. I can’t STAND this mean rude ugly hearted, bia….there is no reason for her to treat Natalie like she does. She just wants control over her “baby” boy and us nosey…no wonder she doesn’t have a husband…stay out of their marriage Trish the bish! And Mike needs to grow a set and stand up to his rude mean mother!


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