90 Day Fiance fans are convinced that Michael is using Angela

Angela and Michael on 90 Day Fiance
Is Michael really just using Angela or does he love her? Pic credit: TLC

Angela and Michael have been a part of the 90 Day Fiance franchise for a few years now.

For much of that time TLC viewers suspected that Michael may be using Angela for a ticket to America, but after the most recent episode many are speaking out and accusing the Nigerian reality star of using her for more than that.

As viewers already know, Michael’s K-1 visa was denied after his interview and Angela, being Angela, hopped the first flight to Nigeria to see what was going on.

Once there, Angela was excited to get to visit with Michael and his family but as they headed to his mother’s house to see her, Michael told Angela that they absolutely couldn’t show up empty-handed.  Not only that but he wanted Angela to buy a microwave for his mother as it was something she always wanted.

Then, as Angela readied herself to buy her future mother-in-law a new microwave, Michael hit her up for another gift — insisting that she needed to spring for cookware for his uncle’s wife too.

Angela called Michael out for trying to trick her into buying even more gifts but, ultimately, she managed to haggle and get a great deal on both small appliances and off they headed to see the family.

In the past, Angela has purchased gifts for Michael’s mom, so that was nothing new. But is she really required to buy presents for her every single time she comes to visit? Even when she’s just there to investigate the K-1 denial? According to Michael, she does.

Between that and the way Michael’s family acted during Angela’s visit, many 90 Day Fiance viewers are convinced now that Michael is using Angela and that his family may be in on it too.

Previously, Michael had a lot of 90 Day Fiance fans cheering for him to make it to America but now, after watching that, it seems that Angela is the one getting our sympathy.

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC. 

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