90 Day Fiance: Evelin Villegas wears stylish crop top for ‘perfect date night’

90 Day Fiance star Evelin Villegas wears a black crop top for the perfect date night.
Evelin Villegas enjoys a date night with Corey Rathgeber. Pic credit: @coreyrathgeber_90/Instagram

Evelin Villegas and Corey Rathgeber have been working on their marriage, and that includes making more time for each other.

However, since working together at their beachside bar doesn’t count, they’ve implemented regular dates, and Evelin was stylishly dressed for their latest night out.

The 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way star shared photos from what she dubbed a “perfect date” as she enjoyed a romantic evening with her husband.

Evelin wore a black crop top with one strap off her shoulder paired with matching joggers and white sneakers. She added an oversized grey sweater to the casual ensemble and had her hair slicked back, showing off her makeup-free face.

Corey was a bit more dressed up than Evelin in a light blue button-down shirt with long sleeves while sporting a fresh haircut.

The photo posted on social media showed the couple sitting at a table beautifully set with candles, red wine, and exotic food.

90 Day Fiance star Evelin Villegas enjoys the perfect date night

The 90 Day Fiance stars visited the Ecuadorian eatery Lupe Pop Up for their romantic date night, and the rustic ambiance added a nice touch.

In the photo posted on Evelin’s Instagram Story, she sat around the table with her legs crossed while Corey sat behind her and gave a sly smile to the camera.

“El mejor lugar para cenas romanticas 🥺,” wrote Evelin in her native Spanish, which translates to “The best place for romantic dinners.”

She then tagged the restaurant in her post and added, “perfect date nights @coreyrathgeber_90.”

Evelin Villegas enjoys perfect date night with Corey Rathgeber.
Pic credit: @evelin_villegas_ecuador/Instagram

Evelin Villegas gets real in Instagram Q&A

The 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way star recently opened up to her Instagram followers in a recent Q&A, and she got some interesting questions and comments.

One curious commenter wanted to know if Evelin had undergone breast augmentation surgery, but she quickly debunked that theory.

“Lol noooo,” she responded. “Never had a surgery but I love my 🍒 and think they are perfect for my body 🤗.”

Another Instagram user had more of a comment than a question and wrote, “My girlfriend thinks you’re mean but I know that’s just editing for the show and you’re nice to [Corey] lol.”

Evelin Villegas gets honest in Instagram Q&A.
Pic credit: @evelin_villegas_ecuador/Instagram

“I don’t think I’m mean but if I have to make something clear I’ll make it, but it’s just because I want all the cards on the table,” reasoned Evelin.

She continued, “Is never my intention to hurt anybody I’m just very straight forward and can be confuse as mean 🤪 Corey and I always have so much fun together 🤗.”

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way is currently on hiatus on TLC.