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90 Day Fiance divorce: Ashley Martson finally free, Jay Smith signed the papers

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith
Ashley Martson is finally free of Jay Smith. Pic credit: TLC

Ashley Martson is a single woman now, and she wants everyone to know that Jay Smith finally signed off on their divorce

The former 90 Day Fiance star has been working on getting Jay Smith to sign the divorce papers, even offering to pay him to get things done.

That went down just days ago in John Yates’ Instagram comments after he posted a picture of Jay’s “paycheck,” which happened to be an envelope full of cash.

It’s not clear if that is what convinced Jay to finally sign the divorce papers but according to The Hollywood Gossip, it’s a done deal.

News of Ashley Martson and Jay Smith’s divorce comes just after her return from the Dominican Republic, where Ashley was seen getting hot and heavy with a couple of the guys from Bachelor In Paradise.

Ashley partied it up with Christian Estrada and Kamil Nicalek during their highly publicized Caribbean getaway, not letting her estrangement from Jay Smith get in the way.

And while a divorce is not something to be taken lightly, it was definitely time for Ashley and Jay to walk away from each other. After all, their trouble started last year. Soon after they were married, Ashley caught Jay talking to other women on Tinder.

Although Ashley was angry, something we saw on the Season 6 90 Day Fiance Tell All, she and Jay tried to work things out, only to catch him cheating once again.

When the pair starred in Happily Ever After? together, Jay was caught with another woman in the bathroom of the barbershop where he worked.

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But after Ashley ended up in the hospital earlier this year, Jay Smith quickly rushed to be by her side. His support seemed to melt her heart a bit and she ended up taking him back.

Their union only lasted a couple more months before Ashley filed for divorce for the second time in April.

Months went by during Ashley and Jay’s separation. Ashley seemed to be living her best life and Jay…

Well, Jay ended up spending a month behind bars after violating Ashley’s protection from abuse order and then went from jail to an ICE detention center while his immigration status was being worked out.

Ashley admitted to briefly taking him back near the end of the summer, only to be betrayed again. That’s when it looked like divorce was finally going to happen as Jay seemingly never stopped cheating.

Now, the 90 Day Fiance Season 6 stars can go their own way, and it’s something that Ashley seems pretty relieved about.

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