90 Day Fiance: Debbie Johnson spotted being cute with her boyfriend

Debbie Johnson
Debbie Johnson was spotted stepping out with her Canadian boyfriend Tony. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day: The Single Life viewers have been watching 90 Day alum Colt Johnson’s mom Debbie Johnson live her best life with her new man.

After visiting her boyfriend Tony in his native Canada, Debbie agreed to move there and live with him.

Now, it looks like that arrangement is working out because Debbie and Tony were spotted in Canada at a sports event looking cute together.

Debbie and Tony were captured as they walked down stadium steps taking it slow as they walked side-by-side with each other while Tony held their drink tray.

In the caption, the fan page who reshared the captured moment wrote, “90 Day Spotted! ? Looks like Ms. Debbie & Mr. Tony are doing great, as they were recently spotted at The Stadium together! ❤️”

This sighting of Debbie and Tony could be a good sign that their relationship is working since she moved up to Canada.

Debbie Johnson got Colt Johnson’s approval to move to Canada

On the latest episode of The Single Life, Debbie and Tony sat down with Colt and his wife Vanessa Guerra so that she could tell Colt she was going to Canada to live with Tony.

Colt and Debbie had been out of sorts with their communication and Debbie was worried about Colt’s reaction.

After pressing Tony and Debbie about their relationship, Colt and Vanessa were satisfied with Debbie’s decision and gave their blessing for the move.

Debbie and Colt also agreed to work on strengthening their relationship.

Debbie was unsuccessful in finding love on Season 2 of The Single Life

When Debbie first appeared on the hit 90 Day spinoff The Single Life, viewers watched her get a total makeover to jump back into the dating pool.

She ended up being unlucky in love that season and was even ghosted by one of her dates.

She also went on a date where it was clear that she was mismatched with her partner, who did not drink, compared to Debbie who loves to indulge.

Debbie had some tearful moments during her dating journey but rebounded by the time Season 3 started and pressed that she had not lost hope.

Debbie had been married to Colt’s father for many years before his passing. She also revealed that she had been married once before but got divorced after her then-husband came back from the Vietnam War. Debbie said that she had also suffered a devastating miscarriage with her first husband.

90 Day: The Single Life airs Mondays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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