90 Day Fiance: David Murphey turned down after attempting to join Ukraine military

90 Day Fiance alum David Murphey was rejected from joining the Ukiranina army.
David Murphey has been rejected by the Ukrainian army. Pic credit: @davidjmurphey/Instagram

David Murphey’s desire to join the Ukrainian military and help them in the war with Russia has officially been smashed. 

The 90 Day Fiance alum recently gave an update on his application and noted that he’s been rejected. 

David, who is way past his prime made his intentions known several weeks ago about wanting to join the Ukrainian army, and while it seemed like a passing comment, he was very serious. 

David applied to do just that but he shared on social media recently that he’s been turned down. 

David Murphey rejected by the Ukrainian army

The 90 Day Fiance star went live on Instagram, and he answered questions about his desire to join the Ukrainian army.

David gave an update and noted that his application got rejected. 

“Ukraine turned me down,” he revealed. “It took about three or four weeks before they finally got back to me.”

As for their reason for rejecting the 61-year-old, he confessed that it’s because he doesn’t have “combat experience.”

“They were only accepting people with combat experience right now,” noted David, who made it known that his age didn’t seem to play a factor in his rejection. 

He noted that three of his friends also signed up to join the Ukrainian army and “All three of them were turned down also– and they’re a lot younger than I am.”

David said that his friends lacked combat experience as well.

“That’s what they want. They want combat experience right now.” He added. 

David Murphey disappointed about rejection from the Ukrainian army 

The 90 Day Fiance star aired his feelings about being rejected by the Ukrainian army and admitted in the Instagram Live video that he was “kind of disappointed about being turned down.”

“But overall I guess it’s turned out to be okay because that war is lasting a lot longer,” shared David. “I didn’t know if it was gonna be hey go over there for a month or get stuck for a couple [of] years.”

Back in March, David expressed his desire to help the people in Ukraine by applying to become a foreign fighter. He revealed this in an Instagram video and noted that he had already sent in the application but was waiting for an interview.

“I’ve been planning around this right now. Last week I dumped a house on the market, one of the houses I have…” he shared. “I’m prepared to fight, but I don’t know if that’s exactly how they would use me.”

David revealed that he did have “prior military experience.”

“I was [an] expert with grenade and rifle and special weapons training. So, we’ll see how it goes,” said David. However, that wasn’t enough for the Ukrainian army because they rejected him anyway.

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