90 Day Fiance critics slam Shekinah Garner’s ‘botched’ plastic surgery: ‘Looking like Darcey’

shekinah garner and darcey silva
Is Shekinah beginning to resemble another 90 Day Fiance star? Pic credit: Discovery+

Shekinah Garner has altered her appearance once again, and this time, she’s being compared to another 90 Day Fiance alum: Darcey Silva.

The 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way cast member recently had some work done to her face, and it got her fans and critics talking.

Taking to Instagram, Shekinah shared a carousel of photos capturing what she’s been up to lately.

The first slide was an up-close photo of herself with her eyes closed, wearing a bandage across her nose and showing off fresh stitches near her hairline.

Shekinah didn’t specify what she had done to her face, but we already know the 43-year-old just underwent her third nose job, hence the nose bandage.

She’s also had two facelifts, a brow lift, upper blepharoplasty, lip filler injections, regular Botox injections, two nose jobs, and two breast augmentations.

“If you have to ask, it’s cause you aren’t subscribed 💁🏼‍♀️,” Shekinah wrote in the caption.

The licensed aesthetician’s caption let her followers know that to find out why she was sporting stitches they’d have to pay for the details.

Many of Shekinah’s fans took to the comments section to compliment her and wish her a speedy recovery from her mystery procedure.

Critics think Shekinah Garner is on her way to looking like Darcey Silva

Others, however, used the comments section to bash the mom of one, comparing her to Darcey, who has undergone a slew of her own transformative surgeries.

Shekinah’s critics were out in full force and called her “botched” as they took aim at her appearance.

“You’re gonna start looking like [Darcey],” @kdell526 told Shekinah.

Shekinah didn’t seem insulted by the comment, replying, “Thank you, she’s gorgeous.”

When another commenter told Shekinah that she’s “So young, so botched,” she fired back, “I’d rather be ‘botched’ and look like me than natural and look like you.”

critics comment on shekinah garner's instagram post
Shekinah debates with followers. Pic credit: @shekinah.garner/Instagram

Others flocked to the comments section to leave their opinions of Shekinah, and many weren’t very flattering.

“Yeah you had three faces in your lifetime that’s why you look like Shrek,” wrote @robinlynnsalas.

Another one of Shekinah’s disparagers likened her appearance to Michael Jackson’s.

critics comment on shekinah garner's instagram post
Followers take aim at Shekinah. Pic credit: @shekinah.garner/Instagram

“She’s going to end up looking like the Silva sisters. So crazy!” added another Instagram user.

@manuelcote wrote that it was “sad” that Shekinah was “pretty before” but told her she’s “losing all [her] uniqueness” and becoming so “[generic].”

Darcey and Shekinah exchange compliments in the comments section

Shekinah clearly wasn’t bothered by being compared to Darcey, and Darcey is apparently a big fan of Shekinah’s.

Also in the comments section was a remark from Darcey, who wrote, “Love you beautiful!”

In response, Shekinah commented, “Love you queen [Darcey]! xoxo.”

darcey silva comments on shekinah garner's instagram post
Darcey shares her support for Shekinah. Pic credit: @shekinah.garner/Instagram

“Love you too gorgeous!” Darcey added. “Keep inspiring.”

Season 8 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? premieres on Sunday, March 17, at 8/7c on TLC.

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