90 Day Fiance critics slam Jovi Dufren for turning Yara Zaya into a ‘stripper’

yara zaya and jovi dufren film for 90 day fiance
Is Yara acting like a stripper since marrying Jovi? Pic credit: Discovery+

Anyone who watches 90 Day Fiance knows that Jovi Dufren has a proclivity for strip clubs and strippers.

So much so that 90 Day Fiance viewers have deemed him an alcoholic and a sex addict.

Jovi’s wife, Yara Zaya, has often felt as though she can’t fully satisfy her husband because she’s not a stripper and never will be.

But her latest try-on haul on social media has quite a few 90 Day Fiance viewers thinking she’s finally given in to Jovi’s preferences for scantily clad dancers.

Yara took to Instagram to upload a Reel advertising some date night outfit ideas courtesy of Fashion Nova, for which she’s an ambassador.

In the video, Yara modeled two outfits: a micro minidress in light blue and a mesh minidress in yellow.

Both dresses were extremely form-fitting and well above the knee, showing off her every curve and leaving little to the imagination.

In the caption of the Reel, Yara called on her followers to share which outfit was their favorite.

“Date night fits with @FashionNova,” Yara began her caption.

“I’m wearing: ✨ Mon Cheri Micro Mini Dress in Light Blue ✨ Belle Mesh Mini Dress in Yellow,” she continued. “Comment which one is your favorite 🤩.”

Thousands of Yara’s Instagram fans and followers liked the post and shared their feedback on the date night outfits.

Some commenters felt that Yara’s outfit choices closely resembled a stripper’s wardrobe, and they weren’t afraid to let her know it in the comments section.

Critics slam Yara Zaya’s ‘stripper clothes’

“Yara dressed like stripper!! Come on!” complained @chi_summ22.

Another told Yara that her dresses looked like “stripper clothes.”

“No offense but you look like an over the hill stripper,” added another critic.

yara zaya's instagram critics comment on her attire
Yara’s critics think Jovi has influenced her wardrobe. Pic credit: @yarazaya/Instagram

Others cast blame on Jovi.

“Jovi has you dressing like the strippers he loves,” read one such comment. “You have more class than this.”

Another Instagram user added, “Her hubby likes the hookers and strippers, he turned his wife into one.”

Jovi isn’t shy about his love of strippers

Strippers have been a point of contention in Jovi and Yara’s marriage for years.

Jovi made it clear from the start that he enjoyed being in the company of exotic dancers, and not much has changed over the years.

During their stint on 90 Day: The Last Resort, Yara learned that Jovi had been texting a stripper he used to have intimate relations with.

Not only did Yara flip her lid over learning that Jovi had texted a former fling, but Jovi lied to her about visiting the strip club with the guys while on their couples’ retreat.

Jovi has continued to poke fun at his involvement with strippers, even joking in an Instagram Story that he still “sometimes” thinks about them.

Yara pokes fun at Jovi’s stripper obsession

Yara proved that she’s since come to terms with Jovi’s penchant for strippers when she uploaded a hilarious video on Instagram earlier this year, playing a prank on her husband.

In the video, she and Jovi’s mom, Gwen, held up a sign at the airport to greet Jovi upon his arrival.

The sign read, “Welcome back from your ‘strippers’ convention.”

Season 8 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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Karianne Brodeur
Karianne Brodeur
20 days ago

The clothes she wore are very pretty and she looks nothing like a person dressed as a stripper.

18 days ago

Yari is gorgeous her husband better watch out someone will snatch her up Cause he definitely ain’t all that and he treats. Her bad