90 Day Fiance critics slam Angela Deem for ‘disrespecting’ Tina Turner

Angela Deem HEA confessional
Angela records a confessional during Season 7 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Pic credit: Discovery+

90 Day Fiance star Angela Deem is under fire for comparing herself to the late rock ‘n’ roll legend Tina Turner.

As Monsters and Critics reported, Tina passed away earlier this month at the age of 83.

Shortly after the news of Tina’s passing, Angela took to Instagram to share a video in which she morphed into the musical icon.

In the Reel, Angela’s live image appeared over the top of a photo of Tina, and a countdown clock counted down from three as Tina’s smash hit What’s Love Got to Do with It played.

When the countdown reached one, Angela’s face slowly transformed into Tina’s likeness.

Angela captioned her video, “R.I.P QUEEN_OF_ROCK_AND_ROLL.”

Angela Deem morphs into Tina Turner to pay tribute to the late rock icon

Although Angela intended for her video to pay tribute to Mrs. Turner, her followers didn’t see it that way and immediately headed to the comments section to call her out.

90 Day Fiance fans rip Angela for ‘disrespecting’ the rock ‘n’ roll legend

“You need to stop right now,” one of Angela’s critics demanded. “You are showing no respect to Tina by doing this.”

Another disparager felt Angela’s video came too soon after Tina’s death and said the post was in “bad taste.”

angela deem's critics call her out on instagram
Angela is under fire for comparing herself to Tina Turner. Pic credit: @deemangela/Instagram

Another disgruntled follower penned, “DO NOT EVEN COMPARE YOURSELF TO TINA TURNER! 😡”

More angry critics flocked to the comments section, calling Angela “distasteful” and urging Angela not to compare herself to Tina.

angela deem's critics call her out on instagram
More of Angela’s followers slammed her video. Pic credit: @deemangela/Instagram

Angela seemingly paid no attention to the backlash she received and has continued to share videos on her Instagram feed.

Angela continues to receive harsh criticism for her controversial videos on social media

The 57-year-old TLC star came under fire once more for a recent Instagram post when she recorded herself blowing kisses while a murder documentary was being narrated in the background.

angela deem's critics call her out on instagram
Angela received backlash for posting a happy video while a true crime documentary played in the background. Pic credit: @deemangela/Instagram

“Are you even listening to what’s being said in the background 🤔 😳” asked one of Angela’s followers.

In response, another critic wrote, “Nope! Angela is quite the narcissist. Tv is talking about a young girls murder and Angela is over here blowing kisses like the world is amazing or something.”

Speaking of controversial videos on Angela’s Instagram feed, one such recording shared earlier this month had 90 Day Fiance viewers wondering whether her estranged husband, Michael Ilesanmi, has finally made it to the States.

In the side-by-side Reel, an unidentified couple copied Angela and Michael’s poses from a previous TikTok video. Curious followers flooded the comments, asking whether it meant that Michael was now stateside with Angela.

However, it doesn’t appear that Michael has made it to the U.S., and it looks like the video was simply another couple mocking Angela and Michael.

Season 6 of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days premieres on Sunday, June 4 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.

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