90 Day Fiance: Biniyam Shibre twinning with son Avi in African print outfits

Biniyam Shibre
Biniyam Shibre matched in a traditional African outfit for a festival with his son. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance alum and Ethiopian native Biniyam Shibre recently attended a very special event with his wife Ariela Weinberg and their two-year-old son Avi.

Ari tagged the event in her post’s caption as “AFRIKFEST 2022 LAS VEGAS,” and shared a video clip from the outing.

In the video, Biniyam and Avi were wearing matching traditional African outfits consisting of black, red, and yellow striped pants with a shirt that had a design on a few of the stripes. Both of them had matching hats to accompany the look as baby Avi appeared to be taking the whole experience in.

Ari also wore a traditional outfit, but did not match with her son and husband.

The video showed Avi interacting with another toddler on top of Biniyam’s shoulders as Biniyam danced in a field looking around where Ari was sitting.

In the caption, Ari wrote, “We had so much fun! I highly recommend! It made me want to visit all those parts of Africa I haven’t seen yet!”

Biniyam Shibre likes to share his dance and acrobatic skills with his son

90 Day Fiance fans can tell by Biniyam and Ariela’s Instagram that Biniyam is a very hands-on dad and is eager to teach his son his dance and acrobatic skills.

In one such video capturing a cute moment between Biniyam and Avi, Avi tried to mimic some of the moves that Biniyam was doing.

The pair were in a park setting where Biniyam set up a stationary camera as he and Avi played in an area that was covered with tanbark and had a bouncy piece of equipment.

The video featured Biniyam performing some acrobatic and complex jumping moves off the bouncy platform, followed by Avi’s attempts at the same things.

At times, Biniyam picked Avi up and helped him attempt some of the entertaining moves.

Biniyam Shibre and Ariela Weinberg are 90 Day fiance franchise alums

90 Day Fiance viewers watched Ari and Biniyam’s 90 Day journey first on Season 2 of The Other Way, when Ari was pregnant with Avi.

Season 3 of the hit spinoff featured the couple in their new life as parents in Ethiopia and the different strains that were put on their new relationship.

Despite all the drama that took place on Season 3 of The Other Way, when Biniyam’s K-1 visa was approved for him to come to America, they took the opportunity.

Ari and Biniyam experienced more growing pains in America but did figure out that they both thought their love and son were worth fighting for and they got married.

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus.

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