90 Day Fiance: Bilal reenacts how Shaeeda behaves when he’s late for date night

Bilal pokes fun at Shaeeda and reenacts how she acts when he is late.
Bilal pokes fun at Shaeeda and reenacts how she acts when he is late for date night. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance star Bilal Hazziez has recently shared a video of him reenacting how Shaeeda Sween acts when he is late for date night. 

Although some may have found Bilal’s post to be a bit off-putting, a surprising number of fans found the post to be more light-hearted, believing that he is doing the best he can in his relationship. 

Bilal pokes fun at Shaeeda and reenacts how she would act if he is late for a date night

Bilal recently shared a cute clip of himself reenacting how Shaeeda would act if he were even five minutes late for their planned date night. 

Bilal captioned the video, “The lovely Trini gal gets SO VEX when I’m late.”

“(Shouting emoji) This is what happens when I walk in the door 5 mins late for date night…and y’all thought I was controlling y’all must’ve never met a Trini woman.”

Bilal wants fans to believe that Shaeeda is the controlling one

In Bilal’s caption, he mentioned a part about having control. 

Bilal said, “and yall thought I was the controlling one,” referring to the fact that Shaeeda could be much more controlling than she appears. 

In prior episodes, many fans had thought Bilal was controlling and overbearing regarding his relationship with Shaeeda. 

However, in his caption, he insinuated that Shaeeda is truly the controlling one within their relationship and that he is simply an innocent bystander. 

Although Bilal has a lot of critics who do not believe that Shaeeda is controlling and that he is the controlling one, Bilal seems to have some fans who also support him.

Bilal’s fans believe that he is doing the best he can within his relationship and that the way he operates his relationship is functional. 

One fan commented on Bilal’s video to share some insight regarding the fact that they do not believe that Bilal is controlling. Instead, he is more honest and straightforward, and some people can not handle that type of behavior. 

The fan said, “Your not controlling at all you communicate and your honest and very healthy and direct some people can’t handle a healthy situation good job! (clapping hands emoji).” 

Some fans think Bilal is doing a great job and is not controlling.
Pic credit: @bilalhazziez/Instagram

Another fan commented on Bilal’s post and shared their thoughts, stating that Shaeeda seems to take everything out of proportion when Bilal speaks and that she should not ask for a man that communicates if she has no intentions of receiving the communication well. 

The fan said, “Honestly speaking the points Bilal brings to this ladies attention throughout the show are no different than my expectations however it’s taken so negatively by this lady.”

“I’m a women who loves women but nowadays it’s as if you can’t say nothing to women because it’s taken so negatively. Women need to stop asking for a partner who communicates if they are not ready to receive such communication. Everything does not need a response.”

Some fans believe Shaeeda shouldn't always need to have a response when Bilal is trying to communicate with her.
Pic credit: @bilalhazziez/Instagram

Bilal making a seemingly cute and funny post was a big hit with his faithful fans. Despite what is depicted on the show, many people still believe in Bilal and think that he and Shaeeda’s relationship has potential. 

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays on TLC at 8/7c. 

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