90 Day Fiance: Big Ed Brown demands engagement ring from Liz Woods

A close-up of Big Ed Brown from 90 Day Fiance.
Big Ed Brown wants his ring back after he was caught cheating on Liz Woods. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance star Big Ed Brown has dramatically demanded the return of his engagement ring from his fiancee, Liz Woods.

The 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Tell All: No Limits Part 2 started where we left off in Part 1, with Liz confronting Big Ed and his ex-girlfriend, Rose Vega.

Rose admitted to Liz that Ed contacted her, and he was interested in FaceTime and real-time with the reality TV star in the Philippines.

Ed initially denied having any contact with Rose but then claimed he couldn’t remember if he did or not. Unfortunately for Ed, Rose came to the show with receipts.

The denial and dismissal of issues in their relationship have affected Liz because she looked like a deer caught in headlights, not believing there was proof of his dirty deeds.

Ed downplayed and deflected the revelation by mockingly saying he didn’t speak English in a derogatory way. It was so egregious in the situation that the other 90 Day Fiance cast broke their stunned silence. Liz says, “I’m tired of all the lies, deflection, and projection.”

Ed answered her back with more deflection and blame for breaking up with her so many times, stating he couldn’t remember if they were together at the time or not.

Liz responded by asking herself if she had any respect left for Ed, and the statement was too much for Ed, who then demanded the engagement ring back from Liz, leaving the cast and host Shaun stunned by his behavior.

Liz didn’t hesitate to hand over the ring that she once dug out of the bushes over an argument with Ed. It’s almost like she knows she’ll get it back later.

Watch the moment Big Ed gets a big reality check.

Big Ed Brown tries to flip the script on Liz Woods after the 90 Day Fiance tell all.

The format of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Tell All- No Limits format differs with the cameras following the cast outside the studio get-together before and after the show. Fans caught a glimpse of what happened outside the studio when the cast joined for a post-production party at the hotel.

Fans got a bigger taste of the toxicity between Big Ed Brown and Liz Woods at the afterparty when Ed started with a small apology and ended up calling Liz a Prima Donna.

Ed literally tripped into the party of women who were gassing up his ex-fiance to dump him for good on the ride over to the hotel just moments earlier. It couldn’t have been more awkward, but Shaeeda Sween handled it gracefully by not engaging Ed while admiring Liz’s legs and feet.

Jenny seemed over it and ready for Ed and the negativity to be gone, like many of the cast appeared at this point in the show.

Ed decided to give Liz a crumb and apologized at the party, which she ate up immediately, and inexplicably invited Ed to an entire conversation without the other cast members.

The move only invited Ed to admonish Liz some more for making him look bad by not agreeing with him. This time instead of sticking around for more twists and turns, Liz left the conversation and returned to the party.

Big Ed Brown gets vulgar with Jovi Dufren at the 90 Day Fiance tell all afterparty

The argument about Liz Woods and Big Ed Brown’s relationship spilled over to the party when Andrei Castravet and Jovi Dufren united over disgust at how rude Ed was to Liz at the tell all and let Liz in on their conversation about Ed.

Ed just happened to drop in while all three were roasting him over the tell all and called Liz a Prima Donna, only amplifying the same argument the cast had all day with Ed about his push-and-pull behavior toward his now ex-fiance.

Ed’s go-to insult was to call Jovi Dufren a “p***y” repeatedly when Jovi disagreed with how he treated Liz. Yara Zara was utterly done with Ed and left the conversation.

The drama ended this week with Angela Deem confronting Ed, making us wonder who would win in a Big Ed Brown vs. Angela Deem with no limits, tell all showdown.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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