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90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days viewers think Memphis disrespected Hamza’s mother and culture

Memphis and Hamza's mom
Memphis’s decision to sleep with Hamza in his mom’s home against her wishes caused Before the 90 Days viewers to think she was being disrespectful. Pic credit: TLC

Memphis was told by Hamza during the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days that his mother Hayet said they could not sleep in the same room together under her roof.

Hamza originally told Memphis that it was okay for them to sleep together so Memphis let Hamza know that they needed to find a way to make it happen after arriving at his mom’s house.

When Memphis sat down with Hamza’s mom and sister they reiterated the separate sleeping arrangements as well.

However, Memphis and Hamza decided to sneak Hamza in after his mom went to bed but they were caught by Hayet in the morning.

While Hamza does share the blame in this sticky situation, viewers think it was Memphis’s responsibility to make a good first impression and respect the rules of Hayet’s house and culture and they took to social media to make their points.

Memphis Smith angered 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days viewers by sleeping with Hamza in his mom’s house

On Instagram, one fan page called attention to Memphis’s decision to sleep with Hamza despite his mother’s rules against it.

They used clips from the scene where Hayet caught them together and captioned, “I can’t believe Memphis slept with Hamza in his mother’s house… She disrespected his mom and his culture…smh.”

IG post about Memphis Smith
A popular 90 Day fan page commented on Memphis’s behavior. Pic credit: @90daytrollin2/Instagram

On Reddit, a thread was started over the contentious situation. The subject of the post read, “Memphis is the most disrespectful b I have ever seen.”

The author followed that up by describing, “Having sex in mothers home!!? After she was so kind to you?”

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Pic credit: @AshtonKechamall/Reddit

The top comment in the Reddit thread added to that sentiment.

The critic made the point, “Even in America, a lot of people consider it disrespectful to have sex your parents home. This is especially true if you’re unmarried. I would have told him no. Though that [may] just be a cultural difference, given that Memphis is from Midwest and I’m from South East.”

Reddit comments about Memphis Smith
Pic credit: @u/ashtonkechamall/Reddit

Memphis Smith and Moknii Hamza have a language barrier to overcome

Memphis and Hamza do not speak the same language and Memphis has even said that one of the only words they use together is “sexy time.”

During their first meeting at the airport, Memphis expressed her shock at just how hard it actually was for them to communicate.

It looks like viewers may have to watch as Memphis and Hamza cringingly try to navigate this growingly complicated relationship through translation apps and hand signs.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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  1. Yuck. What a dumb disgusting dimwit. What an embarrassment to all Americans. Then again, shes just your run of the mill dime a dozen typical ghetto trash from the USA! USA! USA! Gimme a high five y’all! YEAH!

  2. I thought this chick was just another airheaded ghetto dimwit before, but now if I had ANY respect for her at all, she just killed it! These hairbrains, that get with these Muslim men and expect them to change their customs and religious beliefs, just because they can’t control their sexuality, make me sick! Not only is she an embarrassment to the USA, she’s a pathetic embarrassment to women EVERYWHERE! She totally disrespected this woman, in HER own home and HER country. I hope he kicks her straight to the street! Not to forget, that hair with the 6 inch roots, is HIDEOUS, and looks greasy nasty!

    • However, she did tell him, “NO SEXY TIME…NO MARRIAGE” she made that very clear. From his own admission he wants nothing more than to get to America. So, I think Miss Memphis knew exactly what she was doing when she said it and she was very much expecting his visit that night. BECAUSE…if she was so innocent she would have told him no..She still slept with him in his mother’s home regardless if he came to her or she went to him. She is a grown ass woman that should have said no. But she did not because he was giving her what she wanted. I might also add that the emphasis of saying no sexy time no wedding is more important to her than having him meet her children to see how he is with her children first, To me it seems like the sex is more important than bringing a complete total stranger into her home with her children!!!! So no she is not innocent at all! It is a shame because this is what is being put out there and people from other countries think all American women are the same!!! But we are not!

      • Absolutely my thoughts exactly! The first time I heard her say “there’s no way she will marry him, if they didn’t have sex first,” well that said it all! She’s ridiculous!

  3. Memphis admitted she has self-esteem issues, correct? Before one allows themselves to even get involved in a serious relationship, one needs to like themselves, know what they need and want in life. Priority number 1, she needs to work on her issues Before even considering getting involved with a young, immature, inexperienced, culturally difficult “boy.” He knows nothing about relationships, or love. She needs to return Home and work on herself and her Children. They need to be the priority in her life right now. They must be very confused. The way she is going about everything is so unfair, confusing and likely detrimental to their well being. Go home Memphis and do some serious soul searching. Be the role model those children deserve, please.

    • Um no, this sex addicted, disrespectful thing, is NOT”your typical American woman,” she’s the EXCEPTION!.” MOST American women, are a fae cry from her, and she’s the type, that gives American women EVERYWHERE, a bad name!


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