90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days spoilers: Kimberly Menzies has second thoughts about breakup with Usman Umar

Kimberly Menzies is having doubts about her breakup with Usman Umar.
Kimberly Menzies is having doubts about her breakup with Usman Umar after a recent argument. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 days star Kimberly Menzies seems to be having doubts about her recent break with Usman Umar in a sneak peek episode of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 days.

In the sneak peek exclusive, fans watch as Usman sits down with his friends and it’s clear that he is having a really tough time with his and Kimberly’s split.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Kimberly Menzies rethinks her break from Usman Umar

After some deliberation, Usman decides to go ahead and text Kimberly to let her know that he wants to meet with her. Kimberly was in the process of packing her bags to leave when she received the text from Usman. 

Kimberly’s reaction to receiving Usman’s text left many viewers confused. They could not understand why Kimberly was so overjoyed when just a few moments prior she was packing her bags getting ready to leave because she just “knew” the relationship was over.

Many fans had plenty to say about Kimberly’s reaction to receiving the text from Usman. 

One fan commented, “i know she did NOT just go from saying ‘i know it’s over’ while packing her stuff to smiling like a psycho when he texts her. he has her wrapped around his finger and he literally couldn’t care less about her.”

One fan says Usman has Kimberly wrapped around his finger.
One fan says Usman couldn’t care less about Kimberly. Pic credit: TLC/YouTube

Another fan weighed in and said, “The way Kimbaaly got excited over the text just shows she was never really leaving. She’s like a child. Threatening to leave just to manipulate someone into doing what you want is toxic.. and embarrassing.” 

One fan thinks Kimberly is manipulating Usman.
One fan thinks Kimberly is manipulative. Pic credit: TLC/YouTube

Kimberly and Usman have never been on the same page

Kimberly and Usman have been on a rocky road the entire season. 

More recently, Kimberly made it clear to Usman that she was over the relationship and she was sick of his lies after she came to find out about another woman that was once in Usman’s life. 

Kimberly felt embarrassed after learning that the song he told her was for all women turned out to be specifically about his ex-girlfriend. She felt as though Usman needed to do more to woo her and she felt like she was contributing more to the relationship than she was getting back in return.

The couple has had many explosive arguments throughout the season, however, the last argument revolving around Usman’s potential infidelities was by far the most explosive.

As fans got a glimpse into Kimberly’s new second thoughts about the relationship, fans will have to wait to see how this relationship plays out as fans know Kimberly and Usman are never on the same page at the same time when it comes to their relationship.

90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days airs on Sundays  on TLC at 8/7c.

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2 years ago

Poor Usman, got suckered in by yet another old hag!

2 years ago

That old crypt keeper had no intentions of leaving. What sane man would want that thing by their side?

2 years ago

Kimberly your an idiot if you stay with him! You are a disgrace to older women that you would fall for him! Your in it for fame. I hope, cuz you can’t look or be that stupid! Get ready to be used for everything you can give him till your broke