90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Season 5: Meet the new couples and watch a sneak peek

New season of 90 Day Fiance:Before the 90 Days features seven new couples
90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Season 5 cast. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days is back for a new season and we’ll be introduced to a new crop of hopefuls who are ready to do anything for love. That often involves meeting their partner online, falling head over heels in love despite never meeting in person, and then finally meeting and realizing that their fairytale romance is much harder in real life.

The new season will bring some fresh new faces, however, get ready for a surprise appearance from a former cast member who raised eyebrows with his relationship last season.

Meet the new cast members

You can expect countless surprises, drama, and culture clashes along the way as the couples embark on the complicated K-1 visa process.

However, “despite the challenges of interfering families, former flames and shady pasts, these lovestruck hopefuls will travel across the world to meet the person they believe is their soulmate.” according to the show’s summary.

Kim and Usman ‘Sojaboy’

KIm and Usman will be featured on upcoming season of 90 Day Fiance:Before the 90 Days
Kim and Usman. Pic credit: TLC

Yes, Usman Umar aka “Sojaboy” is returning and this time he has another American woman head over heels in love with him. Last season it was baby girl Lisa, but now it’s a 50-year-old divorcee named Kim.

The San Diego native reached out to the Nigerian singer on social media after being a fan of his music and after he replied they started to frequently call, text and video chat each other. Kim and Usman soon formed a connection but he was supposedly hesitant about committing to Kim before meeting her in person–after his disastrous marriage to Lisa.

Usman decided to invite Kim to Nigeria as he preps for a music video shoot and Kim is hoping that once she gets there Usman will be ready to commit.

Caleb and Alina

Caleb and Alina will be featured on upcoming season of 90 Day Fiance:Before the 90 Days
Caleb and Alina. Pic credit: TLC

Another couple you will meet on the new season is 28-year-old Caleb who hails from Arizona and 27-year old Alina who lives in Russia. Their story started to play out 13 years ago when they were just teens and forged a friendship after meeting on social media.

They later fell out of touch but found each other again after matching on a dating app when Caleb was planning a trip to Russia. Those plans fell through but their romance blossomed online and now they’re ready to finally meet.

However there could be a hiccup since Alina is a little person, and due to her condition, she can’t walk or stand for long periods and has to frequently rely on a wheelchair. Free-spirited Caleb, not only has to try and adjust to Alina’s needs but he has the task of trying to win over her roommate and protective best friend Elijah, who joins them on their introductory trip to Turkey.    

Gino and Jasmine

Gino and Jasmine will be featured on upcoming season of 90 Day Fiance:Before the 90 Days
GIno and Jasmine. Pic credit: TLC

Gino is a 51-year-old automotive engineer who was married to a Brazilian woman for seven years and was hoping to start a family but that ended in divorce. Now he’s in love with Jasmine, a 34-year-old American literature teacher from Panama and he’s heading to the island to meet her.

The pair met on an international dating site and Gino fell in love with Jasmine’s beauty, personality, and brains. However, he’s on a fast track to propose to the brunette beauty during his visit and hopes to get her pregnant by the end of his trip.

But, we’ll have to wait and see if Jasmine can sweep Gino off his feet or if her jealous side will put a damper on their future together?

Memphis and Hamza

Memphis and Hamza will be featured on upcoming season of 90 Day Fiance:Before the 90 Days
Memphis and Hamza. Pic credit: TLC

Memphis is a 34-year-old divorced single mom of two kids who has a blossoming romance with Hamza– a 28-year-old man from Tunisia. They met online eight months ago and after communicating via texts and video chat Hamza proposed and Mephis said yes.

The engaged couple has a significant language barrier and the skepticism of Memphis’s friends and family, working against them. But after an unstable childhood, followed by a tumultuous dating history, Memphis believes she has found stability in Hamza so she’s packing her bags and traveling to Tunisia with plans to get married on this trip. But, does Memphis really know her fiance?

Mike and Ximena

Mike and Ximena will be featured on upcoming season of 90 Day Fiance:Before the 90 Days
Mike and Ximena. Pic credit: TLC

Mike has been single for most of his life despite trying to find love for many years, but the 34-year-old finally found it in Ximena. He met the 24-year-old Colombian mother of two, a year ago on an international dating app.

Ximena does not speak English and Mike barely speaks Spanish, but the language barrier has not kept them apart.

The couple is on the fast track to getting married and having kids so Mike is going to Colombia to propose and bring Ximena and her sons to the US. However, is Ximena really in love with Mike, or is she just in the love with the gifts and money he sends her?

Ella and Johnny

Ella and Johnny will be featured on upcoming season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days
Ella and Johnny. Pic credit: TLC

Idaho native Ella and her self-proclaimed obsession with Asian culture led her to Johnny, who she calls her “Asian prince.” The duo met on a social media platform exclusively for Asian men and white women and after video chatting, they now believe that they are soulmates.

However, the pandemic delayed their in-person meeting when China closed its borders. But after a year and a half, Johnny is planning to visit the 29-year-old in her hometown and get engaged.

Ella’s insecurities about her weight caused by a history of rejection from past romantic interests have her worried about Johnny seeing her in person. Nonetheless, they’re ready to prove that their love can conquer family skepticism and pandemic barriers.

Ben and Mahogany 

Ben and Mahogany will be featured on upcoming season of 90 Day Fiance:Before the 90 Days
Ben and Mahogany. Pic credit: TLC

Ben was a former pastor in a strict, conservative religious sect, but he broke free from them and the confinement and his marriage, but the transition was hard.

After being homeless for a while, the 52-year-old eventually found work as a model and after being featured in a fitness magazine he caught the eye of 24-year-old Mahogany from Peru.

Her DM led to an intense texting relationship and despite their 28-year age difference, they were bonded by their similar religious views. Soon enough they were in love and began making plans to meet in person.

Ben’s friends and family see countless red flags with their romance –one being the fact that the couple has never chatted on video. However, Ben thinks God brought him and Mahogany together and he’s determined to follow that path. But is their relationship divine will, or is Ben blinded to the possibility that Mahogany may not be who she claims?

Take a look at the new season below.

The new season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days premieres Sunday, December 12 at 8/7c on TLC.

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