90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Day viewers turn on Gino after he sends Jasmine’s topless photos to his ex

Gino’s ex reached out to Jasmine with some shocking claims. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance fans were warming up to the relationship of Gino Palazzolo and Jasmine Pineda but the Michigan native may have lost any support he had in the latest episode.

Despite being on a romantic getaway in the islands with his Panamanian girlfriend, the 51-year-old found a way to mess it up by texting his ex.

Those text messages found their way to Jasmine and it was also revealed that Gino sent his ex naked pictures of her.

While Gino explained to producers that he was sending them in “revenge” to show how good-looking his new girlfriend is, Jasmine didn’t see it that way, and rightfully 90 Day Fans have turned their back on him.

90 Day Fiance viewers turn on Gino after he sends Jasmine’s topless photos to his ex

While Gino tried to lie and say he didn’t send naked pictures of Jasmine to his ex, Jasmine was armed and ready with screenshots to refute his claims.

After throwing the toothbrush he gave her as a gift out the window, Jasmine tearfully told him she would never trust him again and 90 Day Fiance fans agree with how she handled the situation.

“Gino deserves all of Jasmine’s wrath. You don’t do s**t like that. Break someone’s trust like that,” one viewer wrote.

Another person tweeted, “That is such a disgusting thing for Gino to do. Why would anyone send their partner’s nudes to their ex??? That is so horrible. #90DayFiance.”

Another viewer commented that Gino must have been out of his mind to send Jasmine’s nudes to someone else.

Jasmine Pineda learned something she found “disgusting” about Gino

Not only did Jasmine find out that her private pictures were circulated without her permission, but she found out something about her American boyfriend that she found “disgusting”.

“There were also some other screengrabs that she sent me from a few years ago where Gino was talking about paying for sugar babies,” the 35-year-old detailed to producers.

While Gino tried to defend himself by explaining he wasn’t dealing with sugar babies during his relationship with Jasmine, she told him, “I don’t give a s**t. I never thought of you as this depressing man that gets old and have to pay for sex and company.”

The upcoming previews show Jasmine getting back at Gino in a way she knows will hurt him, by taking off his hat.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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1 year ago

what a bozo. typical american. then again she is batsh!t crazy so theres that