90 Day Fiance: Anna and Mursel send their embryos to Ukraine, ask for prayers amid surrogacy journey

Anna and Mursel 90 Day Fiance
Big news for the 90 Day couple. Pic credit: TLC

Anna and Mursel seemed like they had the most hurdles to overcome in the 90 Day Fiance universe but they have officially started their surrogacy journey by sending their embryos to their surrogate in Ukraine.

Anna Campisi and Mursel Mistanoglu first announced their plans to add a baby to their family on an episode of 90 Day Diaries, when they broke the news to her less than thrilled other three boys.

Although the couple has come a long way since they first met over their shared love of beekeeping, it seems like they are still facing some challenges with Anna’s children. The boys made their feelings known when the couple first announced they had some good news, and they responded, “Divorce?”

Anna and Mursel announce their embryos are heading to Ukraine

However, the couple has announced, via Instagram, that their cryopreserved embryos will be making the transglobal trip to their surrogate in Ukraine, and Anna is asking for support as the new phase in their life begins.

She wrote, “I’m feeling so emotional right now! Our 3 embryos are being carried to Ukraine today and we are signing with our surrogate today! Keep us in your prayers!”

The well-wishes have already started pouring in from both fans and other 90 Day Fiance personalities. Akinyi Obala offered some reassurance, and reminded them “God is in control.”

Akinyi Obala
Pic credit: @annamcampsi/Instagram

Fans are happy for them but also a little curious

Along with all the congratulatory posts, there were a good number of fans who are curious about why the couple chose a surrogate from Ukraine. Although Anna didn’t really offer any specific answers to this, she did respond to one poster who asked about citizenship. She wrote, “We are not going to Ukraine for dual citizenship.”

Anna and Murcle
Pic credit: @annamcampisi/Instagram

While their motives for sending the embryos to Ukraine are pure speculations at this point, one Instagram user offers this explanation: “[T]he surrogates are a LOT cheaper, and also universal healthcare saves a ton of money as well! … So money might be an issue, which it is for most people. Paying for not only IVF but a surrogate as well can run you around $200k cash for most clinics.”

Anna and Mursel 90 Day Fiance
Pic credit: @annacampisi/Instagram

While the logistics are often interesting to sort out, no matter what, fans and audiences of the show wish her all the best luck and health for everyone involved, including her three sons. Maybe a new baby will be just the thing to bring them around.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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