90 Day Fiance: Anfisa Nava has no interest in 90 Day Fiance spinoffs, refuses to be a ‘clown for pennies’

90 Day Fiance alum Anfisa Nava
Anfisa explains why she didn’t return to the 90 Day Fiance franchise. Pic credit: TLC

Anfisa Nava told 90 Day Fiance fans that she hasn’t returned to the franchise because she knows her worth.

Anfisa made quite the impression on 90 Day Fiance viewers during her Season 4 appearance alongside her now ex-husband, Jorge Nava.

Despite plenty of red flags in their relationship, including disagreements over money and arguments that often turned physical, Anfisa and Jorge decided to go through with tying the knot after Anfisa came to the U.S. from Russia on a K-1 visa.

The couple was married from 2017 until December 2020, when their divorce was finalized. Since then, Anfisa and Jorge have gone their separate ways and have been working on their personal lives.

While Jorge has remarried and has two children with his wife, Rhoda Blua, Anfisa has not remarried but has been focusing on her professional career. After recently obtaining U.S. citizenship and graduating from college, Anfisa has been furthering her career as a fitness model and certified personal trainer.

Although she no longer appears on reality TV, Anfisa still keeps her 814K Instagram followers in the loop when it comes to what’s going on in her life. She recently did just that in the form of an IG Q&A, which was captured by the 90 Day Fiance fan account and entertainment reporter 90 Day The Melanated Way.

Anfisa Nava won’t return to 90 Day Fiance, won’t be a ‘clown for pennies’

One of Anfisa’s curious followers wanted to know, “Everyone but you has returned to 90 day spin off. Why didn’t you go back?”

The Russian beauty responded, “I know my worth and I wasn’t treated well or getting what I deserve. I don’t agree to be a clown for pennies on a dollar while the network makes millions. Wish other people would do the same and stop this exploitation. But unfortunately for others it’s their only way to make a living.”

How does Anfisa earn a living?

As mentioned, one way Anfisa makes a living is modeling for Bombshell Sportswear. The 27-year-old also earns a living via her adult website and has a YouTube channel aptly named ANFISA, where she has garnered 428K subscribers and is building a following on TikTok, where she currently has 250.7K followers.

The former TLC star also earns income as a social media influencer and through her online training programs.

Anfisa has proven that she not only has a sensational physique and a pretty face but the brains and motivation to match.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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