90 Day Fiance alum Paul Staehle claims Karine is engaged amid bizarre social media activity

paul staehle confessional 90 day fiance: before the 90 days season 2
Paul claimed that his ex, Karine, is getting married to another man. Pic credit: Discovery+

Things between Paul Staehle and his ex-wife, Karine Martins, have become way more confusing and peculiar.

Paul and Karine’s unique love story played out during Seasons 1 and 2 of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days.

90 Day Fiance viewers watched the unlikely couple face their fair share of relationship problems.

Their frequent arguments soon turned physical, and by 2022, Paul and Karine’s antics caused them to lose custody of their two young sons, Ethan and Pierre.

The former couple has since split, but it appears they’ve been keeping tabs on each other’s love lives… or at least Paul has been paying attention to Karine’s.

Paul and Karine each shared head-scratching posts to their Instagram Stories over the weekend, which will certainly stir up some controversy.

90 Day Fiance alum Paul Staehle says his ex, Karine Martins, is getting married to another man

Paul claimed that Karine is currently engaged to Jonathan M. Rueff.

On New Year’s Eve, Paul shared a message that read, “Congratulations to Karine and Jonathan M Rueff With your wedding engagement tonight.”

paul staehle claims his ex karine is marrying a man named jonathan rueff
Paul claims his ex, Karine, is marrying another man. Pic credit: @pauljasonstaehle/Instagram

It’s unclear whether Paul was trying to say that Karine and Mr. Rueff got engaged or married, but she has yet to comment on the news.

However, Karine uploaded several confusing posts of her own.

Karine uploads screenshots of STD test results and permanent custody ruling

First, Karine shared a screenshot of a recent permanent custody order about her and Paul’s son, Pierre.

The Commonwealth of Kentucky document, dated December 14, 2023, stated that one of Paul’s family members, Lindsay Tanner, was awarded permanent custody of the youngster.

karine staehle shares a custody order in her instagram story
Karine uploaded a random document about the custody of her and Paul’s son, Pierre. Pic credit @staehlekarine/Instagram

In another IG Story slide, Karine curiously uploaded the results of a lab test for an STD panel dated July 23, 2021.

“Your test results … indicate that you have tested positive for either one or both strains of the herpes virus,” the document read.

karine staehle uploaded STD results in her instagram story
Karine also shared STD test results from 2021. Pic credit: @staehlekarine/Instagram

90 Day Fiance viewers think Paul hacked into Karine’s Instagram account

It’s unclear why Karine would have shared such information, but some 90 Day Fiance viewers speculate that Paul hacked her Instagram account and uploaded them himself.

In a Reddit post titled, “The plot thickens with these two losers,” 90 Day Fiance viewers commiserated with Karine, believing that she wouldn’t share such information publicly, blaming it on her ex, Paul.

“Seems more like a hack, since there’s herpes results too…. Sounds like Paul,” wrote one of Paul’s critics.

Another Redditor commented, “He hacked her instagram again and its posting their custody papers and her std tests. Somebody arrest this men. I feel terrible for her.”

redditors discuss whether paul staehle hacked his ex-wife karine's instagram account
Redditors surmised that Paul hacked into Karine’s IG account. Pic credit: u/Low_Departure_5853/Reddit

While we try to figure out what to make of Paul and Karine’s recent IG activity, we know that Karine has spoken out recently about her desire to regain custody of Pierre and Ethan.

As Monsters and Critics reported in December 2023, Karine told her Instagram followers that she’s been “working as hard as she needs” to get her sons back.

Along with a photo of herself hard at work at UPS, Karine explained in the caption of her post, “Everybody thinks I just party and make special videos. In reality I work every night all night at UPS in the main hub.”

“This is peak season so it is long hours and hard work. Great pay and benefits,” Karine added. “I will work as hard as I need to work to get my babies back.”

90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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