90 Day Fiance alum Paola Mayfield unbothered by her critics who say she doesn’t respect herself

Paola Mayfield records a TLC confessional
Paola is unbothered when it comes to her critics. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance veteran and alum Paola Mayfield doesn’t worry about what her critics have to say.

A recent social media share had some of Paola’s disparagers hurling insults her way, but she maintained her composure.

The Colombian-born beauty recently shared a carousel of photos of herself and her 4-year-old son, Axel, on her Instagram.

Clad in a slinky minidress and patent-leather combat boots, Paola and her son stood in the driveway of their new Florida home as they posed for some adorable mother-son photos, including several blurry outtakes.

“We can always try to get good pictures, Ax πŸ₯² #mysweetboy,” read the caption that accompanied the post.

Although the post was intended to be a lighthearted one, there were plenty of detractors in the comments section.

90 Day Fiance critics come at Paola Mayfield for ‘not respecting’ herself

One of the critics commented, “I feel so bad for this child, being raised by a woman that does not even have an ounce of self respect for herself.”

Another commenter echoed the sentiment in their reply, claiming Paola looked like a “hooker.”

“She doesn’t respect her son either. No way in hell would I Subject my boys to me dressing like a hooker, [that’s] embarrassing. Imagine walking into a daycare or school like that as a mom πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ,” they wrote.

After reading the comments, Paola took to her Instagram Stories, where she shared a screenshot of the comment thread.

Paola isn’t bothered by her critics

Along with the deprecating comments, Paola added some gifs to lighten the mood and prove that she was unbothered by all of the negative chatter. One gif read, “Good Morning,” while another showed someone enjoying a cup of coffee with a smile on their face.

paola mayfield shares screenshots of rude comments on a recent Instagram post
Pic credit: @paola_mayfield/Instagram

This isn’t the first time Paola has come under fire for her scantily-clad appearance. A December 2022 Instagram post featured Paola arching her back on a sofa in a pose while wearing lacy lingerie.

Paola’s critics came out in droves, deeming the photos “inappropriate” and accusing her of setting a bad example for Axel.

Despite the criticism she receives, Paola doesn’t back down and continues to share sultry photos of herself on Instagram. As a professional wrestler, certified personal trainer, and nutrition coach, Paola is clearly proud of the work she puts in at the gym and in the kitchen and isn’t afraid to show off her physique.

The newly-blonde beauty recently highlighted her curves in a figure-flattering blazer and shorts combo. Paola donned the all-black ensemble for the red carpet, where she met Scottish actor Gerard Butler at a movie premiere.

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