90 Day Fiance alum Memphis Smith shocks fans with glow-up after going through some ‘deep stuff’

memphis smith 90 day fiance: before the 90 days season 5 confessional
Memphis is looking better than ever after going through some struggles. Pic credit: Discovery+

Memphis Smith looks better than ever while she remains committed to “getting back to herself.”

90 Day Fiance fans were introduced to Memphis during Season 5 of Before the 90 Days.

Memphis’ love story with her now-ex, Hamza Moknii, played out during their season, but they’ve since gone their separate ways after welcoming a daughter together.

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These days, Memphis is staying focused on her personal growth after going through some dark times in her life.

In a recent Instagram post, Memphis shared a set of photos showing off an impressive glow-up that has the reality TV star looking better than ever.

Memphis donned a form-fitting green minidress and see-through heels in the first selfie, showing off her fit and trim physique.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days alum Memphis Smith is glowing in her latest slimmed-down pics

In a second car selfie, Memphis shared an up-close shot of herself looking healthy, relaxed, and seemingly aging in reverse.

A second slide in her post was a quote that read, “Ain’t nothing like getting back to yourself after going through some deep stuff.”

In her accompanying caption, Memphis spoke about her commitment to growth and encouraging others to commit to the same goals.

“Be so committed to your growth that it encourages the ones around you to grow as well,” Memphis began.

She continued, “Be so committed to your growth that it scares away the ones that are tempted to drop you down to their level… 💜 ❤️ ✨ 🙏🏽,” adding the hashtags #selflove, #growthmindset, #beautyandbrains, #selfawareness, #motivation, and #godisgood.

The 35-year-old mom of three’s post received hundreds of compliments from her fans and followers, who gushed over her glow-up in the comments section.

Memphis’ admirers are in awe: ‘You look like a teenager!’

One of Memphis’ Instagram followers was in disbelief, commenting that the 90 Day Fiance star doesn’t look a “day over 25.”

“The glow up be so real don’t it??!?!” they added.

Another Instagram user was amazed at Memphis’ glow-up, writing that she looks like a teenager.

memphis smith's instagram followers comment on her glow-up
Memphis’ fans are impressed with the progress she’s made. Pic credit: @missmemphis05/Instagram

“You look amazing!” read another compliment from a fan.

“You look radiant Memphis!” wrote yet another one of her admirers. “Best wishes to you & your family.”

Memphis has plenty to keep her busy and be thankful for these days. Not only is she a mom of three, but she’s also a nurse practitioner working in the mental health field.

Memphis recently opened up about her personal struggles involving her ex, Hamza Moknii

And although she’s thriving in her personal life, as she mentioned, she’s worked hard to overcome some setbacks along the way.

Most recently, as Monsters and Critics reported, Memphis accused her ex, Hamza, of immigration marriage fraud.

In an Instagram Reel uploaded in November 2023, Memphis insinuated that she’s been the “target of ridicule for being ‘fooled,’” and hinted that she’s been dealing with her struggles “silently” and on her own.

As she mentioned in the caption of her Instagram post, Memphis has been working behind the scenes to bring awareness and support to others in the same position to turn her “pain into purpose.”

Season 10 of 90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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