90 Day Fiance alum Leida Margaretha arrested on charges of theft, wire fraud, and forgery

Leida Margaretha's mugshot
Leida Margaretha arrested and charged in Wisconsin. Pic credit: Portage Police Department

90 Day Fiance alum Leida Margaretha has been arrested after being accused of using her workplace to steal thousands of dollars.

The 34-year-old TLC alum is facing several charges, including wire fraud and theft, and had her mugshot taken after being arrested in Wisconsin.

An investigation is still ongoing after the 90 Day Fiance star was accused by her employer of using their company accounts to swindle large sums of money, and police said she could face further charges.

Cops in Portage, Wisconsin, said that the owners of glass bottle decorating company Loggerhead Deco notified them a few days ago about an alleged “internal theft involving a temp employee employed as their book keeper.”

They alleged that Leida used the company’s account information to make “fraudulent payments and withdraws to several outside business accounts and customers.”

Some alleged victims had reported “several thousands of dollars” missing from their accounts, according to police. “These victims are not only in the State of Wisconsin, but surrounding states as well,” they said.

‘Additional charges may be forthcoming’

Police added that, after an investigation, “It was further discovered that the employee’s association as co-owner to a business in Arkdale, WI. helped the employee facilitate” the alleged crimes.

Leida is now facing charges of Theft from a Business Setting, Fraudulent Data Alteration, Forgery, and Wire Fraud Against a Financial Institution.

“Additional charges may be forthcoming as the investigation progresses,” police said.

Leida was one of most polarizing figures on 90 Day Fiance

It’s hard to forget Leida, who joined 90 Day Fiance in Season 6 and quickly became one of the most polarizing figures on the show. She didn’t win over any fans with her attitude, after she made some harsh demands from her now-husband, Eric Rosenbrook.

Leida made it clear that she came from a wealthy family back in Indonesia and insisted that Eric stop paying child support for his own kids so that he could financially take care of her and her son.

Her romance with Eric damaged his relationship with his older kids as he ultimately chose her over them.

The couple quickly became one of the most hated in the franchise, but they doubled down on their actions despite criticism. Since their stint on the show, the pair have kept away from the reality TV space, but now Leida has found herself back in the limelight.

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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Rene Silva
Rene Silva
9 months ago

I remember her saying that she came from a very wealthy family, and she was like a “princess”. Why does TLC allow these people to tell out and out lies on the show?