90 Day Fiance alum Amanda Wilhelm debuts her new man

amanda wilhelm before the 90 days season 5 confessional
Amanda is seeing someone new following her split from Razvan. Pic credit: Discovery+

Amanda Wilhelm has found love again following her split from Razvan Ciocoi.

Amanda and Razvan’s love story was featured in Season 6 of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days.

After losing her husband, Jason, to cancer, Amanda hit the dating scene again and fell head over heels for Razvan after meeting him on TikTok.

The widowed mother of two traveled to Razvan’s native Romania during their storyline but hit plenty of bumps along the way.

Amanda wanted more commitment from Razvan, accusing him of being too focused on his career and claiming that he couldn’t give her what she was looking for in a serious relationship.

By the time the Tell All aired, Amanda revealed that she and Razvan had split.

Although Amanda told TLC’s producers that she and Razvan were still on friendly terms as of the filming of the Tell All, she also shared that she was “talking to” someone new.

It’s been several months since the 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Season 6 Tell All aired, and since then, Amanda has moved on, either with the same guy she was getting to know or possibly an entirely new one.

Amanda Wilhelm hard-launches her new beau

Taking to her Instagram Stories this week, Amanda shared several selfies ahead of a night out.

One of the pics included a snap of herself with her new man, who made his debut in Amanda’s Instagram activity.

amanda wilhelm poses with her boyfriend joel zalazar in her instagram story
Amanda debuted her new man, Joel, in a date-night snap. Pic credit: @amanda.wilhelm_Instagram

Amanda wore a blue paisley dress as she snapped the full-length mirror selfie, standing with her arms around her new beau, Joel Zalazar.

Joel was clad in a beige button-down top and khaki pants and wore blue sunglasses, making a serious expression in the pic.

Amanda set the photo to music but provided no caption, only Joel’s Instagram handle.

Things between Amanda and Joel have gotten serious

Before Joel set his Instagram profile to private, we did some investigating and found out that Amanda and Joel have seemingly been an item for some time, and it looks as though things are serious between the two.

In one of Joel’s posts, dated January 2024, he posed on the beach, and in the comments section, Amanda left a slew of endearing emojis, to which Joel replied, “My looooooove.”

amanda wilhelm comments on joel zalazar's instagram post
Amanda and Joel expressed their love in the comments of one of his posts. Pic credit: @joelzalazar/Instagram

In another post of Joel’s, he uploaded a dressing room selfie, and Amanda commented that he was “The sexiest man in the world.”

amanda wilhelm comments on joel zalazar's instagram post
Amanda and Joel flirted in the comments of another one of his posts. Pic credit: @joelzalazar/Instagram

Again, Joel referred to Amanda as his “love” in his response.

It was another comment, though, that proved just how serious these two are in their relationship.

Amanda commented on another post, telling Joel, “I love this picture of you. I love you.”

Replying in Spanish, Joel told Amanda that he “loved her more.”

amanda wilhelm comments on joel zalazar's instagram post
Amanda told Joel she loved him in the comments of one of his posts. Pic credit: @joelzalazar/Instagram

Is Joel the guy Amanda was ‘talking to’ last year?

Joel is a native of Argentina who appears to be living in Miami, Florida, which would likely mean that their relationship is long-distance since she is currently living in West Virginia.

So, is Joel the mystery man who Amanda was “talking to” during the Tell All? It’s unclear at this point.

The last we heard from Amanda in November 2023, she was still reporting that she was single, but it seems the 32-year-old is now officially off the market.

Season 8 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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