90 Day Diaries viewers compare Cortney Reardanz to Darcey Silva: ‘You are a hot mess’

cortney reardanz darcey silva
90 Day Fiance fans are comparing Cortney to another famous blonde from the franchise. Pic credit: Discovery+

Cortney Reardanz is making her reality TV comeback, but she’s already rubbing 90 Day Fiance fans the wrong way.

It’s been nearly a decade since 90 Day Fiance fans were introduced to Cortney Reardanz during Season 1 of Before the 90 Days.

Her relationship with Antonio Millon fizzled out, but she was back again to debut her love story with Andy Kunz on 90 Day Fiance: Self Quarantined.

Cortney and Andy’s romance didn’t work out, either, despite an engagement, so Cortney was on the lookout for love once again.

In this fifth season of 90 Day Diaries, we’ve learned that Cortney was involved with a man named Mustafa, but instead of the third time being the charm, it turned out to be a major strikeout for the Florida native.

We were introduced to her latest fling, Elvis, on Monday night, and so far, it looks as though these two have some genuine chemistry.

90 Day Diaries viewers think Cortney Reardanz needs to clean up her act

But despite a real shot at love this time around, 90 Day Fiance fans aren’t exactly impressed with Cortney’s techniques for finding men … or her behavior in general, for that matter.

After watching Cortney make her reappearance on TLC this week, 90 Day Diaries viewers headed to social media to voice their thoughts about the 32-year-old, and they’re comparing her to another 90 Day Fiance star: Darcey Silva.

Referencing Darcey’s search for love in the Netherlands with Jesse Meester and in England with Tom Brooks, one of Cortney’s critics wrote, “Cortney is a young Darcey.”

90 day fiance viewers comment on cortney reardanz on X
Pic credit: @HolaFalkoro/@BravoShade411/@cb_yellowjacket

“Flying all over the world to move in with men who are basically strangers,” they added.

Another 90 Day Diaries fan called Cortney a “hot mess” for packing baby powder in a baggie for her international flight.

“Don’t pack loose baby powder in a ziplock bag unless you want to miss your connecting flight because you were busy getting interrogated/strip searched by airport security,” @BravoShade411 wrote on X.

Another X user called Cortney “messy in every way imaginable!!”

In response to another X user who called Cortney their “favorite 90 Day nutjob,” one of her critics disagreed.

“Oh no! Cortney is a vapid bimbo,” read their comment.

“She’s boring AF, and a grown-a** woman who is a leech living with her parents. I’m fine with her not having any camera time.”

Cortney is hanging out with another 90 Day Fiance star

We’ll have to keep watching this season on 90 Day Diaries to find out whether Cortney and Elvis were able to make their relationship work.

In the meantime, Cortney isn’t giving us any hints on social media as far as her dating life is concerned.

Single or not, Cortney has been unapologetically living her best life, traveling the world, enjoying nights out with her BFFs, treating herself to spa treatments, and recently, hanging out with another 90 Day Fiance star, Tania Maduro.

In January 2024, Tania joined Cortney in Bay Lake, Florida, to sample some drinks at Epcot from around the world.

In the caption of the Reel, Cortney shared her favorite drinks from their trip and wrote, “POV: drinking around the world at Epcot ๐Ÿฅ‚.”

Season 5 of 90 Day Diaries airs on Mondays at 9/8c on TLC.

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