90 Day Bares All viewers thought it was strange that Paola and Russ did not talk about their separation

Paola and Russ
Russ and Paola did not discuss their relationship status on 90 Day Bares All, which viewers thought was weird. Pic credit: TLC

It has been all over the 90 Day Fiance news world that Season 1 OG couple Paola and Russ are currently separated after Paola wrote very direct tweets about her grievances with her husband after eight years of marriage.

So viewers thought it strange that Russ appeared virtually on 90 Day Bares All alongside Paola who was in the studio.

Host of Bares All, Shaun Robinson, did not even touch on Russ and Paola’s relationship. Instead, the focus was on Paola’s new wrestling career. Viewers thought the wrestling topic was a strange distraction from what is really going on in Russ and Paola’s marriage.

It’s possible that the drama between the two hadn’t been public when Bares All was filmed, but critics found it odd that their relationship wasn’t touched on at all.

90 Day Bares All critics thought it was odd that Russ and Paola’s breakup was not addressed

A Reddit thread was created highlighting the strangeness of Bares All making the segment about Paola’s wrestling instead of her relationship with Russ. Viewers anticipated hearing about their marriage amid Paola’s public breakup from Russ.

Critics think that since Paola has always been running the show, it’s fitting that their segment on Bares All would be all about her.

The subject of the Reddit thread read, “What in the Holiday Inn Basement Sh*t show is this? Funny how she and Roos did not mention that they are on a “break” from the marriage.”

The subsequent discussion focused on Paola’s power over Russ and Paola’s intention to stay relevant on TV through wrestling.

One critic spoke on how much say Russ has in what information about their relationship gets released to the public. They said, “I don’t think Roos has any say in when the marital breaks start and stop. Pao been driving since the first day they met.”

Someone agreed and added, “I feel so bad for him when watching the show, he is like a side character in a show about their marriage.”

Reddit thread about Paola
Viewers comment on Russ and Paola’s relationship. Pic credit: @playful-key2122/Reddit

Other people commented on how they didn’t like that Pao was getting air time. One person remarked, “Thank you for taking one for the team and watching this. I saw Libby/Andrei/Pao in the description and logged out of Discovery+.”

Another asked, “How is Pao even still relevant?”

Reddit thread about Paola Mayfield
More critics talked about Paola’s presence on Bares All. Pic credit: @playful-key2122/Reddit

Paola Mayfield’s wrestling career has taken off

Paola has been training hard to become a pro-wrestler and her hard work recently paid off. She participated in the first all-women event, EmPowerrr in the National Wrestling Alliance.

Russ was even able to put their differences aside and attend the event to support his estranged wife. He also shouted out her achievement in an Instagram post.

90 Day Bares All Season 2 airs Sundays on Discovery+.