90 Day Bares All recap: Confronting old drama and making new memories

Brittany, Tom, and Amber
Host of 90 Day Bares All Shaun Robinson asked all the burning questions and got the tea on some fan-favorite 90 Day Fiance cast members. Pic credit: TLC

A few more 90 Day Fiance cast members appeared on Episode 2 of 90 Day Bares All to address lies, secrets, and anything else left unturned.

Host Shaun Robinson spent time talking with Brittany Banks, Tom Brooks, Robert Springs, and Anny Francisco, and finally, Love in Paradise’s Amber Graney and Daniel Salazar. A few fun and racy games were also played by the cast members.

Brittany Banks addressed negative feedback and performed several raps about fellow castmates

Brittany gushed that she is in a relationship with a musical artist who has been her greatest creative inspiration.

Brittany also addressed her The Singe Life Tell All controversy. She said she didn’t attend because seeing Yazan and Terence would not have been the healthiest decision for her. She also confirmed that not having the right hairdresser also played an important factor in her decision not to attend. She apologized to Shaun, Fernanda, and Jess but specifically threw shade at Colt and Molly.

Brittany met Tom Brooks virtually and confronted him about the negative things he said about her on 90 Day Pillow Talk: The Single Life. Brittany was not mad at what he said and owned up to some of her faults that Tom called out.

During a game, Brittany described her ideal man by sticking for qualities on a cardboard man. When asked to describe Yazan in the same way she couldn’t do it.

Brittany also addressed mean viewers’ tweets with a kind response as a challenge from Shaun. In doing so, she revealed that she will get her braces off in October.

At the end of the episode, Brittany made different raps slamming Colt, Tarik and Hazel, and Tom.

Brittany and Shaun
Brittany played a game where she had to rap about whoever the spin wheel landed on. Pic credit: TLC

Fun games were played and spicy questions were asked on 90 Day Bares All

Robert and Anny joined the stage and gave an update on Anny’s almost 8 months along pregnancy before being introduced to Love in Paradise: The Caribbean couple Amber and Daniel.

Anny and Robert and Amber and Daniel
Amber and Daniel and Robert and Anny had fun and some embarrassing moments while playing truth or dare with each other. Pic credit: TLC

Amber revealed that she and Daniel are in the US together after waiting 14 weeks for his K-1 to officially be given. They are taking their time within the 90 days to live together before saying their I dos.

Amber also talked about the first time she and Daniel tried to have sex and Daniel could not perform. She said following the first night, everything in that department got much better

Amber and Daniel and Anny and Robert played truth or dare where Amber revealed that she had as many as 10 one-night stands on vacation before meeting Daniel, and Anny said she would choose to have a one night with both Amber and Daniel together if she had to.

90 Day Bares All Season 2 airs Sundays on Discovery+.

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