90 Day Bares All: Paola Mayfield dishes on her transformation into fiery wrestler Paola Blaze

Paola Mayfield dishes on her wrestling persona Paola Blaze on 90 Days Bares All
Paola Mayfield dishes on her pro-wrestling career. Pic credit: Discovery+

Viewers came to know Paola Mayfield on 90 Day Fiance, but she’s not just a reality TV star anymore. Now she’s fiery wrestler Paola Blaze. The red-haired beauty has taken on a new career as a pro-wrestler, and while no one saw this coming, Paola is embracing her new persona.

The TLC star was a recent guest on 90 Day Bares All, and she shared new details about her latest venture into the world of wrestling.

Paola Mayfield is now Paola Blaze

The former 90 Day Fiance star made her appearance on 90 Day Bares All clad in her extravagant wrestling outfit.

When host Shaun Robinson enquired about her bedazzled attire, Paola confessed, “Well, I’m a wrestler now, I’m Paola Blaze.”

She continued, “That’s why my hair is a little bit fiery, and that’s kinda like like I’m bringing the fire to the ring, this Latina spicy fire, so yeah, this is me now…I’ve become a little bit more wild.”

It’s not clear how long ago the show was taped, but Paola’s now estranged husband Russ also joined her via video as she dished about her new venture. However, viewers found it odd that the couple did not open up about their rocky marriage on the show.

Shaun noted that she would never in a million years think that Paola would take up wrestling, and the 34-year-old admitted, “Me neither and not even my husband. I actually kept it as a secret because I didn’t know that was something I wanted to do.”

“I got into the ring for the first time, and the coach that I was with he was like, ‘she’s gonna take the first bump, and she’s not coming back…’ I took it, that was a little painful on my back, but I came back, and I’m like I want to do this, show me everything.”

Paola Mayfield shows off signature wrestling move

If you thought she wasn’t serious about her new wrestling career, think again because Paola is ready to make a mark in the wrestling world.

The 90 Day Fiance alum has already coined has her own signature move called the Colombian Necktie in an ode to her home country, Colombia.

“I have certain signatures that I do, but like my finisher is the most important. I call it the Columbian Necktie, yeah. Kinda includes the Latina the Colombian, you know?” explained Paola.

During her stint on 90 Days Bares All, Paola showed off the signature move as pro wrestler Leila Gray joined her on the stage.

Do you think Paola has the ability to cut it as a professional wrestler?

90 Day Bares All is currently streaming on Discovery+.

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