5 of the hottest photos shared by The Bachelor star Victoria Fuller

Victoria Fuller smiles
Victoria Fuller stuns in her five hottest photos on the internet. Pic credit: ABC

Victoria Fuller made her debut on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor and made it all the way to fantasy suites. 

While Victoria Fuller was surrounded by various controversies on Peter’s season, she has gone on to become a favorite amongst Bachelor Nation. 

As a model and Savage x Fenty ambassador, Victoria posts plenty of gorgeous photos and flaunts her stunning beauty.

The following are five of the hottest photos Victoria Fuller has shared.

1. Victoria Fuller shows off her shapely workout fit

Victoria Fuller’s beauty has plenty of brands eager to work with the attractive influencer and have her promote their products. Some fans have even accused Victoria of overwhelming her platform with ads

Whether it be her ads or just a quick snap from her day, Victoria Fuller often manages to serve show-stopping looks and she did just that when she posed in a fitted ensemble from Women’s Best. The dark green matching set and tantalizing pose highlight Victoria’s curves. 

2. Victoria Fuller turns up the heat in the kitchen 

As an ambassador for Rihanna’s lingerie line, Victoria often shares photos of herself in some of the hottest lingerie sets from the brand. 

One of Victoria’s best lingerie pics features Victoria in the kitchen stirring a pan of eggs while wearing lacy black lingerie that accentuates her long dark hair and impressively toned physique. 

3. Victoria Fuller shines bright in orange lingerie 

While Victoria F. appears to love black lingerie, she also looks striking in the brands’ colorful pieces as well. 

Victoria shared a jaw-dropping photo of herself in orange lingerie while holding a bouquet of flowers. Victoria’s body and makeup looked absolutely stunning as the sun seeped in and added pretty lighting to the photo. 

4. Victoria Fuller sizzles in a cowboy hat 

Victoria Fuller may travel all over the country as an influencer but she seems to still have southern roots, having been raised in Virginia and now residing in Nashville, Tennessee. She even dated country singer. Chase Rice in her past and has attended country music festivals with her fellow friends from The Bachelor. 

Victoria showed off her country style in a sizzling hot series of photos of herself in a revealing black bikini and black cowboy hat. While Victoria keeps her face mostly hidden in the photos, her poses and bikini-clad body still manage to steal the show. 

5. Victoria Fuller looks captivating in a sultry selfie 

While photos featuring Victoria’s toned physique often made the list, it’s this sultry close-up that is one of Victoria’s hottest photos yet. 

Victoria promoted her skincare routine by sharing a picture of her dolled-up face and alluring pout. The shadowy lighting and the effortless shoulder pose, along with her voluminous hair and shining eyes make for a breathtakingly gorgeous photo. 

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus on ABC.  

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