5 of the hottest photos shared by Real Housewives of Orange County stars

We've shared some of the hottest photos from five Real Housewives of Orange County stars
The five hottest photos shared by Real Housewives of Orange County stars. Pic credit: ©, © /StarMaxWorldwide, ©, and Bravo

The Real Housewives of Orange County cast is not known for showing a lot of skin on the show or on their social media but that doesn’t mean the women can’t be sexy. Don’t expect lingerie photos or scandalous poses from these Housewives because they are more laid back and conservative with their style.

While other reality TV stars have ventured into OnlyFans and other adult platforms the women of Orange County have not taken their reality TV fame to those platforms — at least not yet. Many of the OC cast members are businesswomen in their own right and are very concerned about their public image but we’ve managed to round up some of their hottest photos on social media.

We decided to include past and present cast members of RHOC to add some spice to this list. So let’s look at five of the hottest photos shared by Real Housewives of Orange County stars.

Kelly Dodd

Kelly Dodd has hottest photos among her former RHOC castmates
Kelly Dodd. Pic credit: ©

The controversial Real Housewives of Orange County alum had tongues wagging since the moment she joined the show in Season 11. Kelly’s unfiltered opinions about pretty much everything often rubbed her castmates the wrong way and she was always on the outs with most of her costars.

Kelly’s political beliefs and tone-deaf brand of humor also sparked outrage from fans who have been calling for her firing ever since she joined RHOC. But earlier this year it seemed her social media antics were too much for Bravo and the network fired the brunette beauty.

However, while you may love to hate the RHOC star, it’s hard to deny that she has a great body and works hard to keep it looking good. Although her comments are more scandalous than her photos, we’ve seen some sexy snaps of the 51-year-old over the years.

Kelly is a brand ambassador for Nux, a company that makes workout gear, so the newly married star has to keep her body in tip-top shape to promote the fitness gear. The former Bravo Housewife also loves the beach and is always on an exotic vacation.

One photo that caught our attention was posted in 2019 during a trip to Greece where Kelly was clad in a sexy, sailor-inspired bikini. “Had the best day ever in Mykonos with my Brits,” wrote Kelly in the post.

Braunwyn Windham-Burke

Braunwyn Windham-Burke has hottest photos among her former RHOC castmates
Braunwyn Windham-Burke. Pic credit: Bravo

Another controversial Real Housewives of Orange County star who garners more hate than love is Braunwyn Windham-Burke. She follows in the footsteps of Kelly Dodd and was recently fired by the network as well.

Braunwyn only spent two seasons on the show but that was enough for viewers to know that they didn’t want her back. TV viewers questioned Braunwyn’s storylines and her castmates questioned her motives and ultimately it seemed her shenanigans couldn’t keep her from being fired.

While you won’t see Braunwyn on RHOC anymore she’s still very much present on social media and her Instagram page puts her in the running for sexiest photos. During a recent trip to Hawaii, she shared a stunning image showing off her naturally curly hair and toned abs while clad in a bandeau bikini top and a colorful coverup.

Tamra Judge

Tamra Judge has hottest photos among her former RHOC castmates
Tamra Judge. Pic credit: ©

Tamra Judge is one of the most familiar faces on The Real Housewives of Orange County and the franchise took a major hit when she left last season. Tamra was a cast member on the show for 12 years but decided to leave after the network tried to downgrade her to a friend role.

The stunning reality TV star is known for stirring the pot and her absence in Season 15 contributed to the lowest ratings that the long-running franchise has ever seen.

However, Tamra is not just known for her antics on TV, she and her husband Eddie Judge are owners of a gym Cut Fitness and she is known for eating clean and promoting health and fitness on social media. Her rocking body is proof that Tamra practices what she preaches although she doesn’t often show off her body in sexy attire.

However, one photo that stood out is a throwback picture of a very young Tamra from the 90s.

In the picture, Tamra was clad in a tiny black bikini while lounging in a beach chair. Back then the RHOC alum had bangs and she topped off the vintage look with a pair of sunglasses.

“Cheers to the ’90s ? when I destroyed my skin by laying out slathered in baby oil in a G string,” wrote Tamra in her post.

Meanwhile, Season 16 of RHOC is being filmed and while Tamra will not return full time, viewers are remaining hopeful that she will at least make a few appearances on the show. There haven’t been any official reports about her return but the reality TV personality has been hinting at a possible cameo.

Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen Rossi has hottest photos among her former RHOC castmates
Gretchen Rossi. Pic credit: ©

We haven’t seen Gretchen Rossi on our TV screens in quite a while, but when the blonde beauty was an Orange County Housewife, she was one of the hottest women on the cast. Known for always looking like a pageant queen, Gretchen was always in full glam with hair and makeup done and pair of high heels with every outfit.

Back then, Grethen’s relationship was always a topic of conversation as she was engaged to a wealthy businessman 24 years older than she was. After he passed away in 2018, Gretchen moved on to another controversial relationship — this time with Slade Smiley, the ex-fiance of a former RHOC star, Jo De La Rosa.

Despite lots of issues in their relationship, the couple has managed to make it work since leaving the show and they even have a child together. As for Gretchen, the new mom bounced back soon after giving birth to her baby girl and a photo she posted back in June is evidence that her hard work has paid off.

In the sexy photo, Gretchen is clad in a black one-piece with her derriere on full display. She captioned the post, “Suns out buns out!!”

Alexis Bellino

Alexis Bellino hast hottest photos among her former RHOC castmates
Alexis Bellino. Pic credit: ©

This Former Real Housewives of Orange County star will forever be remembered as “Jesus Jugs” thanks to Tamra who coined the term during an argument with her then castmate. Alexis joined the cast in Season 5 as a devout Christian and dedicated wife to then-husband Jim Bellino and their three kids.

Alexis got a lot of slack from viewers of the show who felt that the way she dressed was not consistent with her conservative Christian values. This was also a point of contention between Alexis and her castmates, one being Tamra Judge, with whom she butted heads for three years until she finally left the show.

Since leaving RHOC, Alexis and Jim have since divorced, but Alexis does not blame the reality TV curse on the demise of her 14-year marriage. These days, the former Orange County Housewife is hot and heavy with her new man who she constantly posts on social media.

Alexis seems to be enjoying her new life and new adventures. Check out this hot orange bikini that the 44-year-old posted earlier this month behind the wheel of a boat. The hot mama was enjoying a day out on the waters with her kids and fiance Andy Bohn.

The state of RHOC is a little unsure right now after dismal ratings last season but one thing is for sure, even when the ratings are down the temperature is always hot in the OC. The images of these hot Housewives are proof that you can be sexy at any age and that is why Braunwyn Windham Burke, Tamra Judge, Alexis Bellino, Kelly Dodd, and Gretchen Rossi made our list of five of the hottest photos shared by Real Housewives of Orange County stars.

Tell us who you would have chosen for your top five.

The Real Housewives of Orange County is currently on hiatus on Bravo.