1000-Lb. Sisters: Amy Slaton gives an update on her second pregnancy

TLC's 1000-Lb. Sisters Amy Slaton talks about moving for her growing family.
1000-Lb. Sisters star Amy Slaton. Pic credit: TLC

1000-Lb. Sisters star, Amy Slaton, keeps fans updated on how things are going with her pregnancy. She’s also sharing some fun details about her baby’s development.

At the top of the year, she announced on Instagram that she was expecting her second child with her husband, Michael. She used her son, Gage, to break the news by putting him in a shirt that read, “I’m going to be a big brother.”

She recently revealed the gender of her baby. They are having another son, who they will name John Allen.

Amy shares details of her pregnancy

Since the announcement, Amy has kept fans in the loop with regular updates about her pregnancy. She has been transparent about how she’s been feeling and the baby’s progress.

Recently, she posted on her Instagram account that she is now 17 weeks along, and the baby is measuring 5 inches long and weighing 5 ounces.

In the caption, she says, “baby boy is kicking like crazy mostly at night.”

In that same post, she shares details on how the baby is developing. At this stage, the baby’s umbilical cord is “growing stronger and thicker” while his skeleton is “changing from soft cartilage to bone.”

Amy has expressed her excitement over her growing family. It was one of the reasons she was eager to purchase a new home to have space for her children to grow up.

This will be the last baby for Amy and Michael

Amy shared the news of her pregnancy and the gender reveal on her personal YouTube channel. She mentioned in one video that she has a scheduled c-section to deliver baby John. She will also have her tubes tied during that time, as they do not plan to have more children.

Fans may recall Amy’s first pregnancy came just months after her weight-loss surgery. Her doctor was concerned that she got pregnant so quickly since it was recommended she wait at least two years before trying.

Although she endured a high-risk pregnancy, she successfully delivered her son, Gage, in November of 2020. She revealed that this second pregnancy is also high-risk due to her gastric bypass surgery and being diabetic.

While her doctor again recommended she wait to conceive a second time, Amy admitted she and Michael did not do anything this time to prevent getting pregnant. She has been clear that she wanted her children to be close in age so that they could have a close bond as she has with Tammy.

Once she gives birth, Amy says her focus will continue to be on losing weight. She wants to ensure her kids understand healthy eating and have a good relationship with food.

Amy is due to deliver her second baby in July and will continue to update fans on the progress through her social media accounts.

There is no word yet if any parts of Amy’s pregnancy will be filmed for the show. Fans are still waiting to hear if there will be a new season.

1000-Lb. Sisters is currently on hiatus and streaming on Discovery+.

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