1000-Lb. Sisters: Amy Slaton celebrates son’s second birthday with a monster truck party

Amy Slaton gathers her family for her son's second birthday party.
Amy Slaton throws a birthday party for her oldest son. Pic credit: @amyslaton_halterman/Instagram

It seems like only yesterday that Amy Slaton announced she was pregnant with her first child.

Her pregnancy was a major storyline on 1000-Lb. Sisters as fans watched her journey to conceive.

After multiple complications and scares, Amy safely gave birth to her son, Gage. And now, Gage just turned two.

Amy planned a monster truck-themed party for her son to celebrate the joyous occasion and shared pics online with her social media followers.

She even showed off the birthday cake she had made, which was topped with a real monster truck toy that seems to be Gage’s obsession at the moment.

Amy gave her son a shout-out in her caption, saying, “Happy 2nd birthday Gage. Omg I can’t believe you are 2. Momma, dada and brother love you so much baby!! I hope u have a monster size fun today.”

Amy Slaton celebrates her son’s birthday with family

Adding more photos to her Instagram, Amy showed her fans more of the party. The Slaton family showed up to celebrate Gage, including Amy’s sister, Amanda, who quickly became a fan favorite on the show.

They went to Chuck E. Cheese, where Gage is seen running free and enjoying the outing. Amy and her husband, Michael, wore monster truck-themed t-shirts in line with the theme. Gage also wore a shirt that matched the truck on his birthday cake.

Amy shared more details of the day, saying they took Gage to the park to play with his brother, spoke with Tammy on FaceTime, and ended the day by watching Kung Fu Panda as a family.

In the past, Amy has been transparent about how important becoming a mother was to her. After struggling with her weight for years and being told it would hinder her chances of conceiving, she says having her sons is a miracle and never misses the chance to shower them with love.

Tammy Slaton is engaged to be married

After taking a step back from social media, Tammy shocked her fans recently when the news broke that she’s engaged. She met her fiance, Caleb, at the rehab facility that she was admitted to last year. The two have secretly been dating and became engaged just last month.

According to reports, the two plan to get married next week in a small ceremony in Ohio. Unfortunately, because of the distance, Amy will not be present to see her older sister walk down the aisle.

Allegedly, Tammy is set to be released from rehab before the year ends, where she will return to her hometown in Kentucky. Caleb also plans to join her once he is released.

1000-Lb. Sisters is currently on hiatus, with episodes streaming on Discovery+.

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1 year ago

I just love you two ladies!!! Don’t let anyone of the sicko’s out there send nasty messages to you. Keep on trying. Y’all have a lot of people who really care about you both!
The struggles are real and every milestone is real too. I wish the very best for the both of you beautiful ladies. Bless you and happy New Year.