1000-Lb. Sisters: Amy Slaton calls sons her ‘miracle boys’

1000-Lb. Sisters star Amy Slaton shares her feelings on being a mom of two sons.
Amy Slaton is proud to be a mom of two boys. Pic credit: TLC

Amy Slaton is letting the world know how much she loves being a mom to two boys.

The 1000-Lb. Sisters star recently gave birth to her second child and says his arrival made their family complete.

For years, Amy had dreams of becoming a mother, but was told her weight was preventing her from conceiving and having a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

The news became motivation for her, and she started a weight loss journey with her older sister, Tammy.

After undergoing gastric bypass surgery, and losing over 100 pounds, Amy was able to carry and delivery two healthy boys, making her dreams come true.

Now that her sons are here, she’s taking the time to reflect on motherhood and share how it feels to have the family she always longed for.

Amy Slaton says her sons are her ‘miracle boys’

In early July, Amy gave birth to her second son, Glenn. It’s already been a month since his arrival, and she decided to share some pictures of him with her followers on Instagram.

The collection of pictures shows Glenn sleeping with a wooden plaque next to him that reads “One Month” to commemorate his age.

In her caption, Amy wrote, “Oh my word my baby is one month today. I can’t believe it. Im so blessed. Thank you Jesus for my miracle boys…..”

Followers of 1000-Lb. Sisters may recall the struggles Amy went through to have her boys. Not only did she work to lose weight, but she also battled diabetes and high blood pressure which made her pregnancies difficult at times and uncomfortable.

After having two C-sections, while still recovering from the effects of weight loss surgery, Amy’s body has been through a lot in a short period of time. She decided to get her tubes tied and enjoy her life as a mother of two.

Amy Slaton plans to focus on her health again

Since her pregnancies were so close together, Amy didn’t reach her health goals in the timeframe that was recommended to her. However, she claimed she followed the advice of her doctors as best as she could.

Now that she’s done having kids, Amy is ready to focus her attention on her health once again. She already committed to cutting back on smoking and hopes to start being active and exercising.

Amy has said she still has a good amount of weight to lose before she is at her goal size. Once that happens, she also wants to remove her excess skin and get a complete makeover to celebrate her hard work.

In addition to hitting her goals, Amy will also continue helping her sister Tammy on her health journey. She also wants to ensure she is setting a good example for her boys, making sure they have a better relationship with food than what she had as a child.

1000-Lb. Sisters is currently on hiatus and streaming on Discovery+.

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