1000-Lb. Sisters: Amy Slaton answers fan questions while giving her latest pregnancy update

1000-Lb. Sisters star Amy Slaton gives an update on her baby and answers fan questions about her pregnancy.
Amy Slaton shares the latest update on her pregnancy while answering questions from her fans. Pic credit: TLC

Amy Slaton is just weeks away from delivering her second baby. The 1000-Lb. Sisters star is expecting another son who she says will be her last child.

Throughout her pregnancy, she’s kept her fans in the loop with her progress through regular updates on social media.

Now that she’s closer to her due date, Amy is answering some of the most popular questions she gets asked about her pregnancy. While doing so, she also gives her fans the latest update on how her baby is progressing in the womb.

Amy answers questions from her fans

In her latest update, Amy shared that she is now 34 weeks pregnant. Her baby is measuring at just over 17 inches long and weighing 4 ¾ pounds.

She captioned her post saying, “34 weeks!! 4 more weeks and my son will be here. Excited and ready!!”

As Amy let her followers know how her pregnancy is progressing, she decided to answer some questions she received in the comments.

One of her followers asked, “How’s this pregnancy different from your first??” Amy responded, saying, “I was fatter with Gage so i Couldn’t physically see him kicking. But [when] this baby kicks [I] can.”

Amy Slaton answers a fan's question about the differences in her two pregnancies.
Amy answers a fan’s question about her pregnancy. Pic credit: @amyslaton_halterman/Instagram

With Amy’s first pregnancy, she was just a few months post-op from her gastric bypass surgery. She was beginning to lose weight, but her progress stalled a bit with her pregnancy. She eventually went on to lose over 100 pounds and even continues to drop weight during her second pregnancy.

Another fan asked, “Do you have a name?” In response, Amy said, “Yes. But everyone will find out soon.”

Amy Slaton answers a question about the name she has picked out for her second baby.
A fan asks Amy about the name she picked for her second son. Pic credit: @amyslaton_halterman/Instagram

When Amy found out she was having another boy, she and her husband revealed they would name him John. They later changed their minds, and Amy said they wanted to pick a horror movie themed name to match their oldest son’s name.

This will be Amy’s last child

Amy answered one more question from her fan who asked, “Are you having a repeat cesarean or trying for a VBAC?”

Amy replied, “Cesarean and getting my tube[s] tied.”

Amy Slaton shares with her fans that she will be having a c-section and will be getting her tubes tied.
Amy lets fans know she will be delivering her baby via c-section. Pic credit: @amyslaton_halterman/Instagram

Amy has shared this will be her last baby. She cited the multiple health complications, including high blood pressure, as reasons for not having more children. She also wants to continue focusing on her weight loss goals.

When previously speaking about her health this second time around, Amy shared that she was still losing weight while pregnant. She talked about trying to keep a balanced diet despite her cravings.

Amy has said she has always wanted to be a mom and is excited that her boys will be close in age. It is important that they have a tight relationship like she has with her sister, Tammy. Amy has also said she is working to ensure her kids have a better relationship with food than she had growing up.

After giving birth, Amy hopes to keep shedding pounds to reach her goal weight and eventually have plastic surgery to remove her excess skin.

1000-Lb. Sisters is currently on hiatus and streaming on Discovery+.

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Marilyn Pilgrim
Marilyn Pilgrim
1 year ago

Amy & Tammy is your show coming back,I have been waiting to watch it,I love watching y”all show