1000-lb Best Friends: Tina’s husband threatens to leave if Meghan stays

A close-up screen grab of Meghan Crumpler on 1000-Lb. Best Friends.
Tina Arnold’s husband, Johnnie, felt like Meghan Crumpler has overstayed her welcome on 1000-lb Best Friends. Pic credit: TLC

The tension of living in a hotel for over a month was getting to Tina’s husband, Johnnie, and he’s over their house guests, Meghan Crumpler and her fiance, Jon Creager.

In this week’s episode, the Arnold family is six weeks into a hotel stay after a flood destroyed their house, and the tight quarters of eight people in one hotel room are taking a toll on Johnnie and Tina Arnold. The family has to decided to move back into their house that isn’t finished with repairs and only has one bathroom that works.

In a rare moment the couple is alone to discuss issues in the family and their marriage, Johnnie thinks it’s time the baby birds leave the nest, speaking of Meghan and Jon. Tina has doubts the couple will want to leave and says she’s been close to Meghan most of her life, making it difficult to tell them to get their own place to live.

But Johnnie is done with the responsibility and the lack of privacy. To prove his point, Meghan interrupts the couple to use the bathroom and invites herself to stick around, completely unaware that this is the reason the couple is having a heart-to-heart conversation.

Tina expressed they are having difficulties that come up after 22 years of marriage, but Johnnie feels their issues are unique to them because they have two adults to take care of. Johnnie thinks Meghan is too clingy with Tina and relies too much on Tina to take care of her. The dependency is more than Johnnie is willing to deal with any longer.

When speaking of Meghan and Jon living with them, Johnnie tells Tina that they’re going to want to get their own place because they can’t “raise them forever.” In a confessional, Johnnie says, “If something isn’t done soon, I’m going to end up leaving.” He said they needed to focus on their marriage and kids, but too much attention goes to Meghan.

Tina said in a confessional that Johnnie is off-and-on with Meghan and Jon living with them, but she knows he doesn’t want the situation to be permanent.

The lack of privacy and boundaries would drive anyone up the wall. Watch Meghan and Tina’s hotel hell:

Meghan Crumpler reveals her plans to marry on 1000-lb Best Friends

The living situation is still stressful for Meghan Crumpler and Tina Arnold. Still, Meghan decided to announce at a smoothie-making get-together at Vannessa Cross’ house that she’s ready to plan her wedding to Jon Creager.

The news shocked Tina, who wondered if they were going to honeymoon in her basement. Considering the upheaval in their lives, Meghan’s priorities seemed to be in the wrong place.

The wedding she wanted to happen in the Fall would take time and money to plan, and the resources aren’t there at the moment. Meghan has been engaged to Jon for two years, and the friends wondered why she suddenly wanted to pull the trigger by marrying Jon.

Meghan was disappointed they weren’t more excited about her announcement. Vannessa wondered if the past hesitation was because Jon wasn’t the right person for her. Meghan felt the criticism was out of jealousy, but she wouldn’t hold it against her.

Meghan said wedding planning would keep her positive and was good motivation for her to lose weight.

1000-lb Best Friends Tina and Meghan want to set the record straight about their living situation

Although the show has a lot of conflict between Tina Arnold and Meghan Crumpler over their living situation, the two have been vocal on Instagram and went on the iHollywoodTV podcast to set the record straight.

Meghan revealed that she always lived with her parents, and when her father passed away right before she had bariatric surgery, she went to live with Tina. She’s only lived alone for a year in her 44 years.

Meghan said trauma and health issues have contributed to the circumstances in her life. She was suffering from congestive heart failure before her weight loss and has thyroid problems and COPD.

Tina has suffered from depression and severe anxiety and said she needed Meghan to move in for emotional support. She wasn’t getting the care she needed before Meghan came to help her out of her dark place. The two expressed that they need each other at this point in their lives.

1000-Lb. Best Friends streams Wednesdays on Discovery+ and airs Thursdays on TLC at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

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