1000-Lb Best Friends: Tina Arnold claps back at haters over Meghan Crumpler drama

A close-up Instagram photo of 1000-Lb Best Friends star Tina Arnold smiling.
Tina Arnold claps back at haters over 1000-Lb Best Friends drama with Meghan Crumpler. Pic credit: @tina_arnold1kbf/Instagram

1000-Lb Best Friends star Tina Arnold is not happy with fans attacking Meghan Crumpler over on-screen drama and their unconventional living situation.

Fans slammed Meghan on social media after last week’s show had Meghan melting down at the doctor’s office and shacked up in a hotel with her fiance and Tina’s whole family after a flood ruined Tina’s house.

Meghan’s negative attitude and housing pressure rubbed fans the wrong way, and they called her out for her behavior on the show.

Tina decided to show another side of her friend by addressing the accusations that Meghan was mooching off her on Instagram.

Tina made sure fans knew Meghan was helping her and not the other way around after fans accused Tina of enabling Meghan’s irresponsible behavior by bending over backward to accommodate her.

Tina said of Meghan on Instagram, “she’s anything but a mooch, lazy, or a user.” But the show has numerous sound bites of Tina referring to Meghan and her fiance as two additional children she’s managing. Meghan acknowledged she feels like another child because of Tina’s personality.

1000-Lb Best Friends Tina Arnold breaks down over stress and weight gain from living in a hotel

Tina Arnold broke down in tears this week after admitting she was stressed and overwhelmed with the responsibilities of dealing with insurance claims and family duties in tight living conditions.

Last week we learned Tina Arnold’s house was destroyed in a flood leaving her family and friend Meghan Crumpler without a home. Meghan and her fiance Jon Creager had been living in Tina’s basement, and all eight people were forced to move into a single hotel suite.

Instead of delegating to the three other adults involved, Tina decided to control the entire situation and wore herself out with the responsibility of managing everything. The other friends were surprised and concerned by her tearful confession.

Ashley Sutton showed her best friend skills and gave her girl a pep talk reminding her she’s been through hardship before and she will get through this situation, too.

1000-Lb Best Friends star Meghan Crumpler vows to get back on track with weight loss

Meghan Crumpler told her friends she went to see the Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Charles Procter Jr. with Tina Arnold, and she is ready to get back on track with her weight loss after a 13 lb gain.

This week’s show had her making peace with the doctor after storming out of his office. Tina talked her into returning to the visit, and Meghan admitted she overreacted.

Dr. Procter revealed this is the first time he’s seen a patient get so angry they left, but he felt she came into the visit ready to defend her weight gain, and he took the wrong approach to make her accountable for not following the program.

In the end, Dr. Procter said he would help Meghan and Tina get back on track as long as they showed up for visits, and they left with a renewed dedication to lose weight.

1000-Lb Best Friends airs on Wednesdays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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