1000-Lb Best Friends critics slam Meghan Crumpler for tantrums and mooching

Meghan Crumpler
1000-Lb Best Friends Season 2 hasn’t exactly been flattering for Meghan Crumpler. Pic credit: @meghan_1000lbbestfriends/Instagram

1000-Lb Best Friends star Meghan Crumpler took some heat from fans after having a meltdown in Dr. Procter’s office and mooching off her friend during a crisis.

This season was tragic for the Arnold family when a water pipe burst and destroyed the house, making it uninhabitable and forcing all eight people, including Meghan Crumpler and her fiance, Jon Creager, to move to a hotel suite.

We got to know Meghan and her fiance, Jon Creager, last season while she was living in the basement of her friend Tina Arnold’s house. It was a full house already with Tina, her husband, John Arnold, and their four children.

Tina was visibly upset by the whole incident, but hearing she may be stuck there for months taking care of eight people had fans feeling some type of way about the arrangement. Some fans were unhappy with Meghan and her fiance Jon for sticking around to make more effort for Tina.

Fans weren’t empathetic to Meghan after her exchange with the bariatric surgeon, Dr. Charles Procter Jr., during Tina’s visit when she stormed out of the office, either. Many of the comments on Twitter supported Dr. Procter during the tearful confrontation.

The show had fans wondering if Meghan gave up and was making excuses for being unhelpful to her friend and not meeting her own weight-loss goals.

1000-Lb Best Friends critics have no sympathy for Meghan Crumpler

Viewers on Twitter had a few things to say about Meghan Crumpler’s attitude this season on 1000-Lb Best Friends.

Twitter user @Tymmerie said, “I’m convinced Meghan is actually a 3-year-old: she doesn’t have a job, she doesn’t have her own place to live, she wears colorful dresses, wears bows in her hair, and has frequent tantrums.”

Some wondered if Tina Arnold was enabling Meghan and her fiance, Jon Creager, by doing too much for them.

Twitter user @BeanNickyBarnes tweeted, “Hearing Tina talk about how she has to take care of EIGHT people is making me feel violent. Like there’s THREE other big a** adults living with her. Why is she taking care of 2 big a** men and another grown a** woman?! They’re all bums.”

Some viewers, like @dontcallmegnger, stuck by Dr. Procter’s assessment of Meghan’s weight-loss journey saying, “This man is at his limit.”

1000-Lb Best Friends star Meghan Crumpler walks out on bariatric surgeon

The reality TV star, who inspired friends to have bariatric surgery last season, seems to have lost her motivation this season and her infatuation with Dr. Charles Procter Jr.

Tina brought Meghan to her bariatric appointment with Dr. Procter, hoping it would help her weight loss journey, but Meghan didn’t take seeing him and hearing what he had to say lightly. She burst into tears during the first minute of the visit and stormed out the office door with Tina chasing after her.

It was Tina Arnold’s visit, but Meghan came ready to fight, and clearly, her demeanor confused the busy surgeon. Dr. Charles Procter Jr. hadn’t seen Meghan for several months at the time.

Meghan got to confront her surgeon after months of stewing on his matter-of-fact verbiage at her last weigh-in.

At the last weigh-in, Dr. Procter told her she hadn’t lost the amount of weight she should have at that point in her journey, and it was her not sticking to her post-surgical plan that got her off track.

All Meghan heard was that she failed, and instead of buckling down and sticking to the plan precisely, she decided to be done with the whole experience and Dr. Procter.

At their latest exchange, Dr. Procter revealed that Meghan hadn’t attended the post-surgical aftercare program. Instead of admitting she should have followed up, Meghan accused the doctor of smirking at her and stormed out of the office with her friend Tina trailing behind her.

Watch Meghan’s emotional exchange with Dr. Procter at Tina’s visit.

Do you think the viewers are being too hard on Meghan this season? Do you think Meghan will ever see eye to eye with Dr. Procter?

1000-Lb Best Friends airs on Wednesdays at 10/9c on TLC.

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Sherry Stoll
Sherry Stoll
15 days ago

She needs to grow up and face the facts. She only wants to hear what she wants. If it isn’t praising her forget it. It is her fault no one else’s. She needs to blame herself no one else but her. The others needs to stop babying her

Lorri Tuggle
Lorri Tuggle
15 days ago

Meghan is seriously a bum to be using her friend the way that she does. She dont care what she’s going thrubw her home. She just want to be taken care of so she can sit on her fat ass an keep getting fatter but blame everyone else

15 days ago

Not at all…she knows she is in the wrong, blaming everyone including Dr. Procter for her failure to follow through on all accounts. She appeared to be in fight and flight mode!

13 days ago

Meghan should get a job and stop relying on Tina so much. Her temper tantrums are a bit much. She and her boyfriend should get their own place..