10 of the best 90 Day Fiance couples in the history of the TLC franchise

90 Day Fiance couple David and Annie
David and Annie make the list of 90 Day Fiance’s top 10 couples. Who else made the cut? Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance is easily one of TLC’s most popular franchises.

The show’s overall premise is following the journey of American individuals as they apply to bring their foreign partners to the country via the K-1 visa. Once approved, the visa, also known as a fiance visa, requires that the couples wed within 90 Days before it expires.

Since airing its first season in 2014, 90 Day Fiance has also spawned several successful spinoffs.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, which first aired in 2017, follows couples as they prepare to apply for the K-1 visa. Often the couples have yet to meet in-person, and when they do, they must decide whether or not they’ll follow through with the process.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way is a completely different perspective on the journey. This spinoff follows couples as the American partners make their way to the countries of their significant others. This brings a whole new set of obstacles for the couples as they try to figure out if they’ll be able to build successful relationships outside of the U.S..

Although many couples have been featured over the years, there are some couples who have made a greater impact on the 90 Day Fiance fanbase.

So, who are 90 Day Fiance’s 10 best couples? Let’s find out.

1. David and Annie

90 Day Fiance couple David and Annie
David and Annie have been a fan-favorite couple since first appearing in Season 5. Pic credit: TLC

David and Annie’s 90 Day Fiance journey started as a rocky one. David initially met Annie while traveling through Thailand and fell madly in love with her bubbly personality.

Despite their 24-year age difference, the couple was determined to make their relationship work.

David struggled financially and when it came time to pay the traditional dowry in order to wed Annie, it seemed as though it might not happen. Of course, David was able to make an agreement with Annie’s family and the two ultimately wed.

Once they moved to America, it didn’t seem like things would get much easier for the pair. David remained unemployed, and without her work permit, Annie was unable to help with income.

However, despite every obstacle set in their way, David and Annie have remained committed to one another. Her honesty and wicked sense of humor coupled with his unwavering love and support for her dreams have easily made them one of 90 Day Fiance’s top couples.

2. Loren and Alexei

90 Day Fiance couple Loren and Alexei
Loren and Alexei were first featured in Season 3 of 90 Day Fiance and they remain one of the franchise’s top couples. Pic credit: TLC

Loren and Alexei made their 90 Day Fiance debut in Season 3 of the show.

The couple met while Loren was on a trip to Israel and they quickly became inseparable. Once Alexei arrived to America, the couple navigated several challenges, including Loren’s revelation that she has a condition called Tourette’s Syndrome.

When the couple found out that Tourette’s is a genetic condition that can be passed down to their future children, both Loren and Alexei had a tough time coming to terms with this reality.

However, they’ve remained committed to each other and their love. They’ve been a consistent fan-favorite couple from the beginning, most notably for their clear love and deep respect for one another.

Fans were thrilled for the couple when they announced that they were expecting their first child in 2019. The couple welcomed their son, Shai, in April of 2020.

3. Kirlyam and Alan

90 Day Fiance couple Kirlyam and Alan
OG 90 Day Fiance couple Kirlyam and Alan appeared in the show’s first season. Pic credit: TLC

Kirlyam and Alan are one of 90 Day Fiance’s original couples. Featured in the show’s first season, these two quickly stole the hearts of 90 Day Fiance fans for how well their personalities seemed to fit together.

Originally from Brazil, Kirlyam made the move to America to be with Alan after the two managed to reconnect while he was on a church mission in her hometown.

In 2017, the couple welcomed their first child, Liam, into the world. And in 2020, the couple announced they were expecting their second child with the most adorable pregnancy announcement where they re-created a famous scene from Friends.

4. Kenny and Armando

Kenny and Armando from 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way
Kenny and Armando’s commitment to each other, along with the star quality of Armando’s daughter Hannah, puts this couple in the top 10. Pic credit: TLC

Kenny and Armando are one of 90 Day Fiance’s newer couples. Their journey was featured in Season 2 of the spinoff 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

Kenny, a Floridian, and father of four grown children packed up his life and moved to Mexico to be with his partner Armando.

The process wasn’t a smooth one, of course, and the couple faced several obstacles in their attempt to start building a life together. One of the harder obstacles included the tough conversations Armando had with his family regarding his sexuality.

His parents struggled greatly to accept the news that their son was gay, but this didn’t stop Armando from pursuing his relationship.

They hit another roadblock when the marriage office in their state denied to issue them a marriage license on the grounds that state law conflicted with federal laws when it came to same-sex marriage.

Ultimately, the couple won an appeal against the decision.

Although the couple faced many obstacles, it wasn’t their perseverance that ultimately won fans over. It was the adorable personality of Armando’s sweet daughter, Hannah, that stole the spotlight.

5. Paola and Russ

90 Day Fiance couple Paola and Russ
90 Day Fiance fans are often torn on how they feel about Paola. But no one can deny how committed they have been to each other and their growing family. Pic credit: TLC

Paola and Russ are another one of 90 Day Fiance’s OG couples. They were featured in Season 1 of the show, and have had quite the journey over the years.

Paola moved to the Midwest from Colombia to build her life with Russ, and the adjustment was not an easy one for either of them. One of the most notable moments from their first season with the show, was when Paola came downstairs for breakfast with Russ and his parents wearing revealing pajamas. It was quite an awkward encounter for all of them.

Since their first season, Paola and Russ have engaged in some pretty heavy conflicts including his distaste for her modeling career, which caused one of their major blowout fights.

Russ has also continuously run into trouble with Paola’s best friend, Juan.

And yet, through each argument and obstacle, the couple has managed to work it out and keep their marriage on track.

In 2019, the couple expanded their family with the birth of their first child, Axel.

6. Kalani and Asuelu

90 Day Fiance couple Kalani and Asuelu
It’s been a rough ride for Kalani and Asuelu, but their commitment to their family seems to be helping them get back on track. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance fans were introduced to Kalani and Asuelu during Season 6 as Asuelu made the move from Samoa to America.

It was evident from the very beginning that one of the biggest obstacles this couple would face was communication. Asuelu struggled to convey his emotions and translate them in a way that would make sense in English. This often resulted in arguments and subsequent tears from him.

Kalani also learned that what she thought was Asuelu’s boyish charm was ultimately more about his immaturity.

When the couple found out they were expecting their first child, this added an extra level of pressure to an already tense relationship. This was only amplified when they found out Kalani was pregnant with their second child shortly after the birth of their first son.

Kalani and Asuelu also struggled with Asuelu’s feelings of obligation towards his family back in Samoa, who were continuously pressuring him to send them money.

Despite all of their marital issues, it seems the couple has recently re-committed to putting their family first and making their marriage work.

7. Chantel and Pedro

90 Day Fiance couple Chantel and Pedro
Chantel and Pedro were featured in Season 4 of 90 Day Fiance. Their storyline was one of the most dramatic in franchise history. But the couple has managed to come out the other side with their marriage intact. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance is known for the dramatic storylines of its featured couples. And if there’s one couple who fits the bill for one of the most dramatic, yet one of the best, it’s certainly Chantel and Pedro.

The couple was featured in Season 4 of 90 Day Fiance and fans knew that they were going to be a couple to watch.

One of the most memorable incidents from their initial storyline was the fact that Chantel refused to tell her family that Pedro was in America on the K-1 visa. Instead, she had them convinced that Pedro had come over on a student visa.

What made matters worse was that Chantel waited until the last possible moment to tell her family about Pedro’s visa. Ultimately, the couple wed and Chantel’s family was in attendance for the ceremony.

The drama continued for the couple as the years passed. Fans were introduced to Pedro’s mother and sister, who clearly weren’t fans of Chantel.

Pedro also engaged in a physical altercation with Chantel’s brother, River, over a family dinner that had Chantel in tears.

And yet, after each incident, Chantel and Pedro reunited and have continuously made strides in strengthening their marriage regardless of the drama their families drag in.

8. Angela and Michael

90 Day Fiance couple Angela and Michael
Angela’s brash personality has the tendency to rub 90 Day Fiance fans the wrong way. However, that has never stopped her and Michael from maintaining their relationship. Pic credit: TLC

Angela and Michael are definitely going to be one of the more controversial additions to this list, and it will mostly be due to Angela’s attitude.

90 Day Fiance fans are generally torn when it comes to Angela because although she may have the best of intentions, she often comes off as loud, mean, and arrogant.

From the beginning of their relationship, Angela has made it clear to both the fans and Michael, that she is in charge. Of course, this caused some drama with Michael and his family since Nigerian culture puts the power in the hands of a husband.

Despite these differences and the multiple arguments that have had Angela screaming that their relationship is over, Michael’s love for her has remained unwavering.

Even when Angela revealed that she wouldn’t be able to have any children, which she knew Michael desperately wanted, he has remained by her side and she has remained committed to their relationship.

9. Rachel and Jon

90 Day Fiance couple Rachel and Jon
Rachel and Jon’s love story played out on Season 2 of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. Pic credit: TLC

This is another entry that may surprise 90 Day Fiance fans because Rachel and Jon are also a newer couple, and they may not be as familiar to the fanbase as others on this list.

Rachel and Jon met on a singing app where users upload clips of them singing songs in the hopes that someone else around the world will join them in a duet. Rachel noted that she knew Jon was special in that moment.

The couple initially applied for Jon to get a visitor visa to come to visit her in America because she was pregnant with her second child. However, due to his criminal record, Jon’s visa application was denied.

After she gave birth to her second daughter, Lucy, Rachel traveled to the UK to meet Jon and the chemistry was instant.

Although the couple battled the usual obstacles of jealousy and Jon’s criminal record, they ended up tying the knot.

10. Jenny and Sumit

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way couple Jenny and Sumit
Jenny and Sumit have not only battled his family who disapproves of their age gap, but they’ve also navigated Sumit’s divorce together. Pic credit: TLC

Rounding out the list of 90 Day Fiance’s best couples is none other than Jenny and Sumit.

Their story is one for the ages. Featured in Season 1 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Jenny and Sumit connected online when Sumit catfished Jenny into believing that he was someone else. After developing feelings for her, though, he dropped the act and confessed his true identity in the hopes that she would forgive him.

She did, of course, and the two began their journey.

Jenny made the decision to up and leave Florida and move to India to be with Sumit. And the move was not without its challenges. One of the first, and largest, hurdles the couple faced was when Jenny found out that Sumit was still married.

She had moved across the world to be with him, and one night while in their apartment, the couple was confronted by the family of Sumit’s wife. This altercation was the beginning of a long journey that would include trust issues, an impending divorce, a large payment settlement for his wife, and a battle with his parents over his love for Jenny.

And throughout it all, the couple has managed to make it through and they continue to fight for their love.

Which couples would have made the list of your top 10?

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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