Real World Seattle: Bad Blood is about to get crazy

Tyara leads the bonfire ceremony to unite the group on tonight's Real World Seattle: Bad Blood
Tyara leads the bonfire ceremony to unite the group on tonight’s Real World Seattle: Bad Blood

On Real World Seattle: Bad Blood this week, the housemates enjoy some bonding time — but it’s the calm before the storm as their enemies from the past are coming a knockin’.

The seven roomies, Anika Rashaun, Jordan Anderson, Katrina Stack, Mike Crescenzo, Robbie Padavano, Theo Bradley, and Tyara Hooks, have already seen divisions between them as a group.

But this week they decide to ditch the drama and come together as one, with Jordan telling the others: “Don’t let anyone take this experience away from you.”

Tyara gets them all to perform a ceremony where they set fire to bits of paper in a bonfire, symbolizing their passions and what they want to accomplish.

She says: “I’m trying to be open-minded with my roommates and I’m trying to do something to get us connected on a deeper level, and also something inspiring that we can all look forward to.”

It seems to work, as afterward the roommates head for a drink and talk about how they want to make peace and enjoy their experience.

Mike tells them:  “I’m just mad hyped to have met all of you, for real.” He adds: “I’m just glad we got that bulls**t out the way early. All that hostility, all that testosterone. That’s all leveled out. Now we just need to be strong as a unit.”

But can they stay united once the Bad Blood characters from their past arrive?  This week’s episode is titled Not The Show You Think It Is, and it doesn’t take long for them to realize they’re about to get some visitors…

Real World Seattle: Bad Blood airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on MTV. 

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