Real Life Hulks on TLC will make your jaw hit the floor

Arlindo Jordão de Souza posing.
Arlindo Jordão de Souza, one of the men who features on tonight’s Real Life Hulks on TLC

Real Life Hulks on TLC tonight is set to be one of the most eye-popping shows of the year — as we get an insight into the obsessive men so muscly they look like Popeye!

The bodybuilders featured go to all sorts of bizarre lengths to look as pumped up as possible, even if it means they end up completely out of proportion and resembling cartoons.

On a more sinister note, their obsessions run so deep in their psyche that they even put their lives in danger to try and be the biggest they can — by injecting OIL into their muscles to inflate them artificially.

The synthetic enhancement, called synthol, poses real risks for the health of people who use it.

As a result, Real Life Hulks also includes discussions with the doctors who are doing everything they can to try and save these men from their own worst enemies — themselves.

Meet three of the men who feature on the jaw-dropping show — Arlindo Jordão de Souza, Romario dos Santos Alves, and Valdir Segato.

Real Life Hulk 1 – Romario dos Santos Alves

Romario dos Santos Alves posing.
Romario dos Santos Alves flexes his over-sized biceps for the camera

Romario, 26, from Brazil actually modelled himself on the Incredible Hulk to end up looking the way he does.

But after his habit of injecting oil into his muscles to artificially blow them up nearly cost him his arms, he has had to think twice about what’s more important — looking like a cartoon superhero or being alive to look after his family.

Romario dos Santos Alves posing.
Romario dos Santos Alves with his top on — though there’s no hiding those shapes underneath

Real Life Hulk 2 – Arlindo Jordão de Souza

Arlindo Jordão de Souza posing.
Arlindo Jordão de Souza pulls a pose to show off his artificially-inflated arms

Arlindo is also from Brazil (there’s a theme going here) and is nicknamed ‘The Mountain’ by people in the town of Olinda, where he’s from.

But like Romario, his muscles aren’t natural either, and are also the result of pumping them full of oil.

Arlindo Jordão de Souza posing.
Popeye used spinach — but Arlindo Jordão de Souza used oil injections to get his look

Real Life Hulk 3 – Valdir Segato

Valdir Segato posing.
Valdir Segato posing with his left arm, also the main focus of his Instagram page

Valdir is another muscle-obsessive who will do anything to get his physique as big as possible — and as you can see from the picture his biceps are bigger than his head.

To see just how obsessed he is check out his Instagram page — which is basically just pictures of his left arm. He once appeared on TV to show off his body — revealing he bulked up after people kept teasing him for being thin.

And, yes, he also injects his muscles with the greasy stuff.

Watch Real Life Hulks on TLC tonight to find out more about the trio and what drives them.

Real Life Hulks airs tonight at 10pm ET on TLC. 

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