Real Housewives of Beverly Hills recap: The Eden is not a troublemaker edition

Lisa Rinna confronts Eden Sassoon about running her mouth to Lisa Vanderpump.

Such an uncomfortable episode. Kyle is mad at Rinna and Eden. Rinna is mad at Eden and Lisa. And everybody has to spend time together celebrating Rinna getting an award. #Awkward

Back from Mexico, Kyle gets together Kim, who is about to become a grandmother for the first time.

She tells Kyle she had fun at the Gatsby party, except for Eden.

“She hasn’t stopped. She has an obsession about you, and me, and us,” Kyle tells Kim.

Kyle tells Kim what Lisa says Eden says Rinna said about her. Read that back to yourself.

“I think it is impossible for Lisa Rinna to not talk about me,” Kim says. She may be right.

Kyle wants to figure out exactly what happened so she’ll know who to be pissed at.

Rinna gets together with Eden to talk about the sh**show in Mexico.

“You’ve been a busy girl,” Rinna starts out.

“Those girls had me up against a wall, literally,” Rinna says.

“I’d love to know why, instead of coming to me and talking to me directly, you went to Lisa Vanderpump,” Rinna confronts Eden, saying their friendship moved too fast.

“I told Vanderpump the truth,” Eden says. “I didn’t tell her anything that wasn’t said in the store.” Like that makes repeating it okay.

“I’m not a trouble maker,” Eden says. Baloney! She’s a total pot-stirrer.

But Rinna still doesn’t remember saying those things to Eden. I do.

Lisa Rinna receives a humanitarian award from Project Angel Food.

Because life isn’t awkward enough, the same week they come back from the Mexico, Lisa Rinna is receiving a humanitarian award from a charity called Project Angel Food.

This involves the housewives volunteering some time in the charity’s kitchen, and then rallying for a black tie awards in dinner in Rinna’s honor.

I don’t know how much actual work was accomplished. There was a lot of gossiping and screwing around.

“I like Eden,” Lisa says to Erika.

Erika tells her she doesn’t like Eden intruding into Kyle and Kim’s lives. She’s right. She’s the only one who seems to see through Eden.

Eden goes over to Dorit’s house, and they rehash the Rinna scandal.

Then Dorit repeats it all to Kyle in the car on the way to the awards dinner. It’s an awkward affair, with everybody pretending everything’s alright even though several of them are not happy with the guest of honor.

Rinna’s bestie Eileen still doesn’t feel well from Mexico, so she’s missing it. So is Lisa Vanderpump. And Rinna’s salty about that absence.

Lisa’s been pretty AWOL the whole episode, busy shopping for furniture for the new condo she bought Max for holding down a job at Sur. I wish she was my mom.

Over dinner, with a lot of prompting from Dorit, Eden tells Kyle about her very deep online/telephone relationship with a guy she’s never met who lives in London.

Kyle does not approve.

“You can do better. Even I know that, and I don’t even know you,” Kyle says.

Eden takes that to mean Kyle really does care about her. Poor Eden.

“I’m going to prove you wrong, both of you,” Eden says.

Let’s hope they don’t find her buried in a basement somewhere in London. That pic she had of him looked like serious catfishing.

Things We’re Left Wondering

What exactly did Rinna get that award for? Fundraising, maybe? It was obvious she’d never spent a minute in their volunteer kitchen before.

Is Eileen faking sick to stay out of the fray because we all know she ALWAYS has Rinna’s back, and Rinna screwed up big time?

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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