Rapid Rope on Shark Tank: Where to buy and what makes it special

Rapid Rope on Shark Tank
Geanie and Chris Rodgers are bringing Rapid Rope into the Shark Tank in hopes that they can snag an investor. Pic credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

Rapid Rope is a flat, nylon utility rope with hundreds of uses and the toughness to tackle them all.

Geanie and Chris Rodgers are sharing their innovative rope on Shark Tank in hopes that one of the investors will want to put their money into this all-purpose device that can handle even though toughest jobs.

What makes Rapid Rope unique is that a person can easily carry it in a small, compact container, and it can be cut to length using a razor-sharp cut ready edge located right on the top of the Rapid Rope container.

It also can handle a considerable load — it boasts 1,100 lbs Ultimate Tensile Strength.

The Rapid Rope website boasts that it is the “ultimate utility rope” and that it’s “idea for every application.” There are even different colors as this rope is available in white, orange, or green.

Dubbed a “multitool,” the idea for Rapid Rope came after dealing with the difficulty of trying to tie something off and not being able to find a tool to cut the rope. Now, that isn’t a problem because the cutter is attached to the lid.

A new Rapid Rope container and 120-feet of rope will set you back $24.95. But what makes Rapid Rope even better is that you only have to buy the case once. A person can then purchase refill spools of rope for $14.95.

While Rapid Rope seems like a pretty handy rope that any outdoorsman could use, is it innovative enough to tempt a shark to put their money on it?

Tune in tonight to see if Genie and Chris can convince them to get tied up in a deal with Rapid Rope.

Shark Tank airs Sundays at 9/8c on ABC. 

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