Randall Emmett and Lala Kent: Who are the new ‘Flipping Out’ clients?

Lala Kent
Lala Kent and Randall Emmett will guest star on tonight’s episode of Flipping Out. Pic credit: Bravo

On tonight’s episode of Flipping Out, Jeff Lewis will face a challenge as he starts working with a new set of clients. His clients are Randall Emmett and his then-girlfriend Lala Kent. The two have since gotten engaged.

At first glance, Randall Emmett appears to be much older than Lala. He was born in 1971 and she was born in 1990, making the age difference between them about 19 years. He’s 47 and she’s 28. However, the two claim that they’ve never been happier.

Emmett is a movie producer, who has also been an executive on various movies. His first project was as a producer on Eyes Beyond Seeing from 1995, and he continued to build his resume throughout the years.

He’s best known for Silence from 2016, Escape Plan, End of Watch and Everest. He has 108 producing credits on his IMDB resume with many new projects coming out in 2019 and 2020.

He was previously married to a woman named Ambyr Childers from 2009 to late 2017. They have two children together, one named London and Rylee.

It seems that Randall has known for a long time that he wanted to work in films as he graduated from the School of Visual Arts with a BFA in Film & Video back in 1995.

In December last year, Randall was named as Lala Kent’s mystery boyfriend. Kent is best known for her role on Vanderpump Rules, a spin-off show from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The show follows Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant employees from SUR.

Lala joined the show during the fourth season and became a full-time cast member the year after. She would be linked to James Kennedy but filmed the show with her co-stars while dating Randall in secrecy.

Her relationship has been criticized by her cast members, as they told her that she had ruined a marriage by being the other woman.

These days, Lala Kent continues to film Vanderpump Rules but she’s also getting more movie roles. She’s starred in movies like Vault and 10 Minutes Gone, which are in post-production. She also starred in The Row, Dudes & Dragons, Pitching Love and Catching Faith, and One Shot.

On Vanderpump Rules, Lala also talked about recording a song that she performed on the show last year. The song called Boy reached number one in the Electronic genre on iTunes in 2018, making it a big success. She’s made no comments on whether she will continue to pursue music.

Lala Kent also has her own lip gloss line called Give Them Lala Beauty, a line of products she’s often promoting on social media.

Some sites report that Lala’s net worth is around $50,000, but that could go up now with her various movie projects. Meanwhile, Randall Emmett’s net worth is suggested by some to sit at around $8 million, while other sites are guessing it’s closer to $16 million.

While Randall hasn’t been open about his personal finances for various reasons, his movie company is successful. He’s the co-founder and chairman of Emmett / Furla / Oasis Films, and the company has grossed over $1 billion at the box office.

As for the project that Jeff Lewis is working on during tonight’s episode, Lala gave her followers a sneak peek on Instagram, revealing that they were almost done with the home.

Since Lala Kent doesn’t film in her home with Randall for Vanderpump Rules, this may be the only time that fans will see where Kent and Randall live.

Flipping Out airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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