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Raised Human follows couple reunited with Boris the chimp whom they raised like family

Raised Human
Raised Human tells the story of Boris the New York City chimpanzee

Raised Human is a new miniseries on Animal Planet that tells the story of various exotic animals that were brought up almost as human by their owners.

The first episode tells the story of a chimpanzee bought legally by a New York family in the 1960s.

They called him Boris and for a while he was happy living in his concrete jungle, in the very plush surroundings of his Upper West Side home.

Boris the chimpanzee
Boris the chimpanzee at home

However, chimps get bigger, stronger and smarter as they get older. So it proved with Boris and he became somewhat of a handful as he learned to identify his padlock key and unlock his cage. The family were forced to give him up and send him to somewhere he’d be safe and not be a danger to anyone else.

But little baby chimps grow up, will he still recognise the family who raised him?
But little baby chimps grow up, will he still recognise the family who raised him?

Raised Human follows the family as they are reunited with Boris for the first time in a decade.

Later episode include the tale of Zamba the orphaned lion cub who went on to become a big star in Hollywood. He was rescued by an animal trainer and went on to feature in many famous movies.

Raised Human airs on Saturdays at 9:00 PM on Animal Planet.

James Wray

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