Queen Charlotte: Actor Sam Cammett opens up on what happened between Brimsley and Reynolds

Sam Cammett as Brimsley in Queen Charlotte
What happened between Brimsley and Reynolds? Actor Sam Cammett gives his input. Pic credit: Netflix

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.

Although the subject of Queen Charlotte is literally in the name, Charlotte and George were far from the only couple to steal the show in this new release.

One particular fan-favorite couple came from the two right-hand men of the royal couple, Brimsley and Reynolds.

Brimsley is dedicated to Queen Charlotte and would do anything to serve and protect her, and Reynolds does the same for King George, even if it means breaking the rules.

However, it became apparent very early on that the two also loved each other in secret, keeping their love strictly to themselves.

The heartbreaking scene near the end of the series where Brimsley dances alone without Reynolds had many people wondering what happened to the couple as time passed and where did Reynolds go?

We don’t have all the answers, but Brimsley’s actor, Sam Clemmett, has revealed some of the details surrounding their royal relationship.

Sam Cammett says Brimsley and Reynolds are ‘soulmates’

As far as what happened to Reynolds and why we don’t see him in the present Bridgerton timeline, Sam told Hollywood Life, “That’s not been covered yet.”

He continued that perhaps Reynolds is enjoying time on a beach in the Maldives, “having a good old lay down.”

However, he added, “They are absolutely still heavily in love with each other. They are each other’s soulmates, and I hope one day that we get to see him in the present day or get answers as to where he’s gone and what’s happened. We’ll find out hopefully.”

He also gave more insight into the touching (and heartbreaking) dance scenes between the two, noting that Brimsley’s solo dance is his way of remembering the love between him and Reynolds, such as “the wonderful times they had and the conversation they have in the bathtub in Episode 6 where Reynolds was like, ‘Love can last forever.'”

He remains hopeful that one day fans will get their answers as far as what happens between Brimsley and Reynolds over time.

Will Queen Charlotte have a Season 2?

Queen Charlotte certainly saw a lot of success following its release on May 4, and many fans want to know if there will be another season of the spinoff.

Honestly, it seems unlikely there would be a spinoff since Queen Charlotte and King George still have their story going in the flagship series, but anything is possible.

At this time, there has been no official word on whether or not there could be another season of Queen Charlotte, leaving fans waiting for Bridgerton Season 3’s release date for more of the Regency-era drama.

Although there’s no word on a Season 2 for Queen Charlotte, Sam Cammett added that he’d be most interested in coming back for his role as Brimsley, thankfully.

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story is now streaming on Netflix.

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