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Proof of the Black Wolf, Jeff in trouble and Huckleberry encounters a new creature on Mountain Monsters

Mountain Monsters Black Wolf
With the moon waxing is the Black Wolf about to appear on Mountain Monsters

This week on Mountain Monsters, the AIMS team seem to finally have proof of the Black Wolf and Jeff gets an ultimatum.

The crew have seen scratches on trees that could have been made by a large wolf and they have heard mysterious howling in the night, but could they finally about to find some concrete evidence for the existence of the creature?

The wolf is said to be the spirit of a deceased Shawnee shaman that comes to accompany the souls of the dead to the afterlife. Last epsiode the team were worried that it could be coming for Jeff due to his heritage, especially as his behaviour became more erratic.

Jeff is down but not out, but can he be trusted after last episode?
Jeff is down but not out, but can he be trusted after last episode?

During a night hunt in the forest Jeff is found leaning against a tree, bleeding from his face. At first the rest of the AIMS team think he has been shot in the face but it soon become apparent that it is only a nosebleed. Though disturbingly these bleeds are becoming more frequent and much worse as the weeks wear on and the forest seems be exacting a toll on Jeff spiritually and physically.

Also on this week’s episode, the Woman of the Woods makes a return and Buck has a close encounter as he finds himself alone in the Dark Forest and at the mercy of its power.

Most dramatically of all Huckleberry has a fight for his very life with an unidentified cryptid!

Mountain Monsters airs Saturdays at 10/9c on Destination America.

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