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ProntoBev from Shark Tank: Where to buy world’s fastest wine cooler

ProntoBev from Shark Tank
ProntoBev as seen on Shark Tank

This week’s Shark Tank features the ProntoBev, a speedy wine chilling gadget from a San Francisco based entrepreneur.

The machine uses some patent pending wizardry to chill a whole bottle of wine to the temperature you set within just 30 seconds. The idea being that if you forget to chill a bottle or just want to have the wine at the recommended temperature then you can do so in a few seconds and not half an hour or longer.

The ProntoBev works by being kept in your freezer until it is needed. You then set the required temperature for the wine you are about to drink, pour it into the device and 30 seconds later it is ready to pour back out…chilled to perfection.

Pronto Concepts founder Alexander Simone with the ProntoBev on Shark Tank
Pronto Concepts founder Alexander Simone with the ProntoBev on Shark Tank

The ProntoBev is available to pre-order online at the company’s website and is currently retailing at $97, with an expected delivery in spring 2018.

The company also offer the ProntoAer, which helps increase the breathability of any wine to improve the flavor profile, it retails at $20.

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