Project Grizzly: Can you teach a grizzly bear to fish?

Grizzly in cage
If Jeff plan in Project Grizzly goes to plan then these two bears will be caged no longer

This episode of Project Grizzly continues to follow the efforts of one man to prepare two grizzly bears for the wild.

Jeff is keen to make Bob and Screech self-sufficient and plans to teach them how to fish. After all juicy fish are a great way for bears to put on weight before winter sets in.

However, not all goes to plan and one of the bears proves to be slower on the uptake than the other.

Plus as you can see from Dr. Sue assessment, they need to get into shape as well. Both are overweight and Dr. Sue reckons they would not survive an encounter with a wild grizzly until they get lean and strong.

She also has concerns for Jeff as he accompanies what will become two increasingly wild bears in the wild.

After all there have been some fairly horrific incidents with the likes of Timothy Treadwell, who was a huge bear fan and ended up being mauled to death and eaten along with girlfriend.

Watch Project Grizzly – To Teach a Bear to Fish at 10 PM on Animal Planet.

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