Project Grizzly: Can one man send two grizzlies back into the wild?

Project Grizzly, Jeff with one of the bears walk on a creek bed
Project Grizzly is a 6 part series following a man’s attempt to re-introduce two grizzlies to the wild

Project Grizzly is a new series that will follow the progress of bear handler Jeff Watson as he tries to introduce two grizzly bears back into the wild.

Bob and Screech are two captive born 700-pound bears who have been hand reared by Jeff.  He is keen to see if he can train them so that they can survive on their own in the wild.

Jeff has worked with bears for nearly 30 years and has handled them for movies, tv shows and educational events.

His love of bears goes back to an illness he had in his 20s, where he had to relearn how to walk. By chance he ended up looking after a bear cub and wanted to share the amazing experience with others and make a living out of it.

He goes onto explain how much bears are like people with what they eat, how they manipulate their paws and even how they walk heel to toe.

Jeff also describes how working with grizzly bears brings you back down to earth and reminds you how weak you really are.

In this first episode the three of them head to the wilderness of southern Indiana.

Watch Project Grizzly – Into the Wild at 10 PM on Animal Channel. 

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